To Me, From Me | Clothing Haul!

Long time no posting, but same old excuse: life just gets in the way! I wish it didn’t but sadly it does! Anyhow, I have been spending slightly too much money on clothing items recently and I thought I would share them with you today.


Topshop heavy duster coat £79
New Look Cord Pinafore Dress £22.99
Dorothy Perkins Stripe Top £12


Topshop Striped Dress (similar) £29


New Look Sleeveless Jacket SALE £17.50


Sainsbury’s Scarf £12



I want to say I would not normally pay £79 on a jacket! It seems ridiculous for me but as it is Christmas, I am doing a lot more overtime at work and feel I deserve it for all my 6AM starts to be honest haha. I fell in love with this jacket. I am such a fan of the colour yellow and all shade variations so I love this colour! I wear a lot of black so for me, a different colour jacket, scarf – whatever – really makes a difference. I also am not a big fan of coats!  I am quite a fast walker, and because of this, I just get hot within minutes in a coat and I cannot deal with being hot! So for me, I would much rather jackets and then I have the possibility of layering up underneath, or adding a scarf, hat, gloves… With me?

I absolutely love the New Look pinafore dress! I had my eye on this one from Topshop for a while but then settled with this New Look one. I have to be good with money at some point! The only issue I have with it, also with the Topshop striped dress is the length. I am 5’10 so ideally, Tall would be great but they did not have it :(. So, that means tights (perfect) and being a little more lady like with my bending down I guess haha.

The pictures aren’t great sorry. I wanted to post today badly because it has been a while and I had to rush before it got dark outside – also before my camera battery died!

What do you think of this haul? Anything you are loving at the moment?