What I Got For Christmas 2015

As usual, I really enjoy reading these posts or watching these videos. Therefore, I thought I’d add a blog post to the mix featuring what I received for Christmas this year!


Lush Christmas Candy Giftset
Lush wand
Lush butterbear
Bomb cosmetics
Jimmy Choo Blossom
Hunger Games Trilogy
W 7 Toasted Palette
Alan Carr DVD
Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation
NARS sheer glow
Maybelline Lash sensational
Rimmel Wonder’full mascara


My main gift at Christmas comes in the form of money and the above are just a selection of my stocking fillers/ gifts from my boyfriend. I also received a lot of chocolate and I feel very sick writing this blog post! I also received a Yankee candle burner and a bauble with three wax burners in – I was very happy about these as the wax burners are much preferred than the candles to me in terms of the scent they release – much, much stronger and much, much quicker!

I have been so, so happy with all my gifts and as usual, I really enjoyed giving gifts. There’s no better feeling than giving somebody a present and seeing their face light up! As appreciative as I am, I have to say that I cannot wait until money is no longer a present I receive at Christmas. Christmas is a time that should be about spending time with loved ones and eating/drinking a lot. We have obviously materialised Christmas a hell of a lot, much like other celebrations throughout the year. Not complaining because who doesn’t love giving / receiving presents?! Money is obviously very, very welcome to me and I do request it when asked because at this age – it comes in handy! I am just looking forward to the day when I don’t need to request money and when I no longer need extra money and when Christmas is solely about spending time. See what I mean?

I think I’m just sad that I can’t be a child again and experience Christmas from a child’s oblivious point of view. Nonetheless, I had an absolutely amazing Christmas this year, and loved everything I received! Did you?