How I Get Over The Blogging Fear

I’ve always loved keeping diaries and documenting experiences so a blog was bound to be the next thing for me. I finally created my little space on the internet back in 2014 but I kind of come and go. 

Before I started my blog and even now, I have a really bad fear of it. If you are anything like me then you will have the thoughts of But what about everybody’s reaction? … Everybody’s going to laugh… Everybody’s going to judge me… And the list goes on. I still have the exact same thoughts now that I do blog but I have kind of learned to push these thoughts to the back of my head and I’m going to share how.

Start the Blog

First thing’s first (I’m the realist), start the blog. Whether you intend on publishing a post today, tomorrow, or not yet because you aren’t quite ready, just start one. Find your blogging platform, create your URL and start the blog. Once you have created it and have the space to write posts, it doesn’t matter whether you publish them now, schedule them for the future or leave it for a while. You will now have the platform to do so!

Step Away

Once you do decide to publish a post, click Publish and then shut down your laptop or close down the app. I won’t lie to you, once you begin to get notifications of likes & comments, you won’t be able to leave it shut down but up until that point, just step away from the post. If you’re worried and sit and watch it/think about it, you are likely to send the post to the bin. Your mind will go in into overdrive, the fear will set in and you won’t handle it. So, step away and go do something else.

This is the same for publicizing a post. I struggled massively with sharing my posts on my social media accounts and I actually did the above. I shared it on Twitter/Instagram and then walked away. The messages from my friends I didn’t know you had a blog!? were awkward but it got me past a massive hurdle.

Remember why you started

No matter what you are blogging about, you are doing it because you love it or have a strong interest in it. Or, if you are more of a lifestyle blogger, then to document things to look back on perhaps. Don’t let the fear of anybody else’s opinion come between that. It’s your life and you can’t live it worrying about what other people think about you and your interests! It’s also guaranteed when blogging that people are going to have the same interests as you so you won’t feel alone

Consider your ‘friends’

I’m sure your friends will be supportive but on the off chance they aren’t, consider whether they are your friends at all. True friends will be happy for anything you decide to do so if anybody reacts the exact way you feared, then they aren’t your friend in the first place and you don’t need that negativity in your life.

Talk openly about your blog

This is really, really hard at the beginning and I still struggle with it now. I will not let my boyfriend or anybody read my blog when I am with them because I don’t like being judged secretly if you know what I mean. However, once you have posted/shared posts, talk about it with people because the more you talk about the blog, the less awkward it becomes.

Interact with other bloggers

I still lack on this in the grand scheme of things but I’m getting there slowly. I think interacting with other bloggers makes you feel as though you are part of a community and once you are in that community, you won’t want to leave. Looking at other people’s blogs also helps you cement the reasons why you blog as well as giving you ideas for blog posts or even reasons to go shopping!

Those are my ways to reduce the Blogging fear. As I said, I still have the fear now but the above steps definitely help me. Let me know if they help you at all!

Were you worried to start your blog?

  • Great post! If only people knew this at the beginning of their blogging experience right? I love the look of your visuals. Very neat and classy – I think we’re quite similar in terms of blogging style, hey gurrl xx

    • Definitely! I just looked on your blog & it’s an instant follow! I need some fitness reality posts as opposed to the ones that get me down and jealous haha xx

  • Yep I noticed that while you are in blogging community it’s addictive and you keep coming back! It becomes a part of your life!


    • It’s definitely addictive, I personally feel as though I can never switch off from my blog, ideas, photo opportunities etc are always running through my mind! x

  • The “talk openly” point is so true – you’re so vulnerable putting yourself out there for people to judge. Gotta just take ownership and roll with it!

  • So glad to know I’m not the only one who has this struggle. I am so afraid of judgement still and I haven’t really told anybody that I have a blog. This post was very helpful, thank you. x

    • I’m the exact same as you! I’ve only told 3 people, I’ve kinda let other people discover it but I get stupidly embarrassed & shy if anybody discusses it around me! We’ll get there in the end haha, thanks for reading! X

  • I feel the same about opening up to people I know about my blog. Only one other persons knows and I know he will accidently blab to someone or mention it in front of others!!! Don’t really know why im secretive about it….I know i need to put it on social media……I’ll get there.
    Great post, great advice x

    • I know, it’s sad we all feel this way considering its clearly something we love doing. You will definitely get there, I just think it’s a slow process x

  • These are so useful, I am still at the stage where I do not want to share my blog on any social media, but I am sure I will get there xx

    • Once you do it, and notice that it wasn’t THAT bad it becomes much easier. It’s just hard to get over the initial hurdle x

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  • This was a great post! I was so nervous to start blogging but I just decided to go for it and I love it. No one knows about it though (apart from my close family and boyfriend) because I’m so worried they will judge me. I’d love to tell some people but the fear of being laughed at always stops me! X

  • When I first started blogging, I only told my immediate family. Then, a year later, I started opening up to friends about it. Now, my 3 flatmates read my blog and I’m happy for any of my friends to, just not my family! Thanks for the great advice, certainly wish I’d read it before starting! Good luck with continuing to battle the fear!

    • I’m glad you find it much easier now, hopefully I will soon! Thanks for reading 🙂

  • 1) awesome post!! I actually wrote something sort of similar a few days ago:

    2) thanks for the like! means a lot, thanks for stopping by 🙂 xxXXX

    • Thankyou, I’ll check yours out now! & no problem at all! x

  • Absolutely adored this blog post! x

  • I love your blog! Glad to have found you love! 🙂 xo

  • absolutely brilliant advice, thank you! also i absolutely love your blog!!x

  • This was so me!!! I think now definitely being comfortable with who you are as a person helps a ton and finding other bloggers that inspire you and are bigger but deal or have dealt with the same things helps as well!! Great post! <3 it!

    • Yeah definitely! I agree with you 100%, it’s just a massive shame we all are afraid to do something we enjoy!

  • This was such a great read! Remembering why you started is such an important point because it really shapes how you manage your blog. I remember losing the passion a bit a few months ago because I was focusing on just one aspect of blogging. Once I took a step back and reevaluated I was able to find the joy in it again!

    • I definitely agree with you! A blog is our own little space on the internet so we should be free with it