Mascara Collection + Reviews!

I recently went through my mascaras and gave away a fair few or threw some away that were just way past the 6 month get rid of stage. I love mascara and I love trying out new mascaras – I have ridiculously short eyelashes so I need anything to open up my eyes! So here are my honest reviews of them.

Makeup-Mascara-Collection-Reviews (2)

Makeup-Mascara-Collection-Reviews (2) 1

Rimmel London Wonder’full

I’m not a fan of this mascara’s packaging – I love the colour of the tube but really hate the writing haha but anyway that’s not all that important. This mascara is quite old but I only received it for Christmas and I wanted it because it has argan oil! So, a mascara that’s good for my lashes – of course, I’d want it!  The brush itself is quite large and has many thin spiky bristles surrounding it so it coats every individual lash.

Despite the wand being large, I find this mascara really quite easy to use, it coats all my lashes easily and it lasts all day. I don’t think this mascara gives me amazing length, volume or definition to be honest and instead, it provides a plain, natural look. This is the reason I’ve kept this mascara because it’s perfect for the days when I want to wear absolute minimal makeup and it actually leaves my eyelashes feeling incredibly soft with the mascara applied.

Overall, if you’re looking for a dramatic eyelash look then this mascara isn’t for you, but for a natural everyday look that has a nourishing factor – it’s perfect.

Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance 

I love this mascara packaging so much. It has quite a narrow curved wand that promises the triple action of improving volume, curl and length by up to 80%. The curve of the brush makes application so easy and quick and I do think this mascara massively improves my length and volume. It gives my eyelashes more curl too but I don’t feel this is as defined as the other two. I really love this mascara and I love that it really defines each individual lash and it hasn’t clumped for me at all. Overall, a really good mascara for lengthening lashes!

Maybelline The Falsies

Am I the only person who thinks The Falsies has a really defined smell? I think I could spot this mascara simply from its smell. The wand is quite large, fluffy and it has a slight curve to it so application is easy, especially on my lower lashes. This mascara works best for applying curl to my eyelashes as I don’t think the length or definition it gives it as impressive. I don’t think this mascara makes me look like I am wearing false eyelashes, however for the curl it gives, it’s an everyday makeup option winner for me!

Maybelline Illegal Definition

I love that the tube of this mascara is slightly curved, a bit of aesthetic pleasure. This mascara has a skinny brush with a lot of short bristles so, basically it’s perfect to coat my short eyelashes. I do think this mascara gives my eyelashes good definition (as it should from its name). It also gives a nice length, however on application, the length is quite intense and impressive but quite quickly afterwards, it falls a little. This mascara isn’t one I’d repurchase to be honest but for now, it’s doing me nicely!

Makeup-Mascara-Collection-Reviews (2) 2

Benefit Roller Lash

I created a blog post on this mascara ages ago that you can find here. The wand of this mascara is quite similar to the Maybelline Illegal Definition mascara, quite skinny with short bristles however I do think it performs better than the Illegal Definition. I do think this mascara needs a fair amount of building up but if you keep going with it, it does really give me length, volume and curl that I really like and it does hold throughout the day. I find this mascara so easy to apply to my bottom lashes specifically as it is so narrow and of course it has the slight curl. I have bought this mascara since my initial review and I do think I will again – me likey.

L’Oreal False Lash Pavillion

I can’t find this mascara anywhere online to link above. I only got it quite recently as well so I’m not quite sure why it’s disappeared… Anywho…I really love this mascara packaging and the shape of the tube is pretty similar to the shape of the wand itself. The brush is a triangular shape featuring short bristles on all 4 faces of it. I love this brush so much, the flatter edges are perfect for top lash application whilst the edges are well suited to the lower lashes. I think this mascara gives my eyelashes so much length and definition and it really really holds. I will repurchase this mascara if I can find it!

Urban Decay Perversion

This is my most recent addition to my mascara collection and it’s a travel size freebie I received from an Urban Decay event I went to. I love this mascara so much and I want to get my hands on the full size version as soon as I can. I’m not so keen on the name of this mascara but it does great things to my lashes. It does take that little longer of applying but I think it’s so worth it for the final look. It gives my lashes so much length, definition and curl and it lasts absolutely ages. I really, really like it.

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Lash

I reviewed this mascara in this blog post here. I love the packaging of it so much although it’s deceiving as I initially thought it was double sided. The applicator is pretty simple and straight with short bristles surrounding it entirely. I made a few negative comments about finding this mascara a tad clumpy in my other post, however, after using it much more, I don’t find it anywhere near bad. It does lengthen my lashes as well as adding a nice amount of volume. I don’t think this mascara has amazing hold, it is long lasting but not as long lasting as say Perversion and my only other negative is that because the brush is so straight, I sometimes find I smudge it on my skin a tad but other than that, I do like this mascara and I do prefer it to the original The Falsies.

Maybelline Lash Sensational

This mascara is my holy grail! It has a curved applicator with longer bristles at the top and shorter bristles at the bottom – this makes it the perfect all round mascara as you can easily reach each individual lash. This mascara just lengthens my eyelashes so much and gives a nice amount of curl and definition. I wear this mascara both daytime and evening because it really, really lasts and it’s basically my #1 drugstore mascara as I know many people agree with!

Those are my opinions on my current mascara collection – are there any mascaras you would recommend I buy?

  • I’ve been dying to try the Roller Lash mascara! My current favorite mascara is They’re Real (also from Benefit)! This one lengthens my lashes and makes them fuller…I’ve actually had a lot of people ask if I wear falsies (never have though)! So I recommend checking out They’re Real 🙂

    • I’ve also been dying to try They’re Real haha – I need to get my hands on it soon!

  • I love Maybelline The Falsies! It does have a weird smell now that you mentioned it haha!

  • danielle

    i used to love the falsies but i haven’t used a drugstore one in ages. my favorite is the waterproof better than sex mascara from too faced, i tried roller lash but didn’t really get along with it. i might have to go back and give it another try if it isn’t expired haha

    • I’ve wanted to try Better Than Sex for so long actually! Hopefully I’ll get my hands on it soon! I’ve heard a few negative reviews on Roller Lash actually. I do get on with it but Lash Sensational is still #1 for me haha

  • Your should try Avons SuperShock, it’s amazing!
    Iv been wanting to try the roller lash for ages for my bottom lashes, Definitely moved to the top of my list haha


    • Ooh I haven’t even heard of that before! will definitely have a look at it 🙂 x

      • I’ve got a review on my blog if you want to take a nosey before you buy it ☺️ Xx

        • Just noticed I’ve already read that post haha, it just obviously didn’t register. I don’t usually wear anything Avon but I’m keen to try it now! X

  • I do work with somebody actually who leaves her catalogue at work so I’ll have a look this weekend 🙂 x

    • Okay, just making sure cos I’m a rep ☺️
      You’ll have to let me know if you like it! Xx

  • The Roller Lash is the best for me!! Thanks for the review 😀
    You are invited to visit my blog, I stay here. Xx

  • I love this post! I’m shopping for all new makeup at the moment so this was a great read. I think I’m gonna have to try the Urban Decay Perversion!