The Good & Bad Of Being An Older Sibling!

I love this photo of me and my two youngest siblings and this photo stemmed the idea for this blog post. I am 20 and I have three younger siblings within my household. Two sisters, one 13 and the other 6, and one brother who is 4. There is quite a big age gap between us so I thought I would share a post commenting on the good and bad of being an older sibling.

The Good:

  1. Feeling like a wise old owl who now has the ability to pass down the important dos & donts to avoid them making the same mistakes you did at their age!
  2. Being the voice of reason between them and Mum / Dad – this can also be pretty annoying.
  3. Not being envious of having to wait for Mum and Dad to buy things for you / having to do chores for things you want because I have my own income.
  4. Being the example they are expected to follow. For me, this is within school grades,  I’ve already told my 4-year-old and 6-year-old siblings to get reading because they’ve got decent GCSEs they have to beat haha
  5. Being left in charge when parents go out and feeling the power. I mean, I’m 20 now so this isn’t the case anymore, but when I was a little younger, and my 13-year-old sister was a little younger, I loved it. Payback.
  6. Feeling an immense need to protect them and having their back. I can shout at my sister but if anybody else does it? Not happening!
  7. Knowing I have lifelong friends and being able to look forward to the days when everybody’s older and having a family get together!
  8. This one’s especially for my younger two siblings, the feeling of being loved and needed. I think the feeling of this is best coming from children who really need you and depend on you.
  9. Having in-house servants! “Can you go and get my phone for me?” ..No. “I’ll time you, see how fast you can do it!?” Always works!

The Bad:

  1. Looking for certain items in the place they always are but they aren’t because somebody has taken them
  2. Then being lied to about the fact they have been taken.
  3. Reflecting on life when you were their age and how much harder it was for you. Me and my older brother were definitely the guinea pigs for Mum and Dad’s parenting skills.
  4. Also reflecting on the state your Mum & Dad would let you leave the house. Why would they let me leave with white eyeshadow and intense black eyeliner? I would never let my siblings go out like that and they should be grateful!
  5. Being blamed for absolutely everything, no matter whether you were wrong or not because you’re older and you should know best.
  6. Babysitting. Sometimes it can be so much fun but at times it can also be some of the worst times of your life.

Are you an older sibling and do any of these apply to you?