How To Make A ‘Not Right’ Foundation Work For You

Darken-Lighten-A-Foundation-Adjust-Beauty-Tips (4)

This is a post that’s so relevant to me as I am a pretty pale mixed race and because of that, in one way, I can make a fair few foundation shades work for me but it also means I tan really easily and am dark and then I also go extremely pale so I have to make different foundations work for me at different times of the year. Pretty much the same as anyone really haha so here we go….

Make it lighter

– Combine it with a lighter concealer –

A quick and easy way to make a foundation that’s too dark for your skin colour lighter is by combining it with a concealer. Of course we tend to buy concealers that shade lighter than our foundation so mixed together this should lighten foundation enough for use. If you’re like me then you will simply do this on the back of your hands because I’m very lazy but you could, of course, use a bowl, palette etc.

– Apply water to applicator –

This doesn’t exactly do anything to the foundation colour, but if you wet – so it’s damp not soaking – either your brush or sponge before blending foundation, this will liquidise the foundation and blend it / buff it into your skin much more subtly minimising the colouring.

– Combine foundation with moisturiser (pigmentation) –

This is one I use a lot and even sometimes with perfect foundation colours. Combining a foundation with a moisturiser will soften the pigmentation as well as making it much easier to blend.

– Use a lighter powder –

A simple way of making a foundation appear lighter would be by applying it to your skin as normal and then applying a setting powder that is the correct colour. This should balance out the colouring.

Darken-Lighten-A-Foundation-Adjust-Beauty-Tips (6)Make it darker

– Mix it with a darker concealer –

Similarly to what I said in the ‘make it lighter’ section but the other way around. This is a much cheaper alternative if you happen to have a concealer too dark for you lying around or if you are one of those people who use a concealer for contouring. Just don’t go in all guns blazing and add a small amount at a time as you don’t want it too dark.

– Combine it with a tinted moisturiser –

If you combine a light foundation with a tinted moisturiser it will make the foundation much much easier to blend out, much softer on the skin and the tint element will, of course, make the foundation that bit darker!

– Use a darker powder –

These points are basically the same as above but the other way around! If your foundation is too light, you could then apply a thin layer of a darker shade powder on top of it. This will be beneficial as it will set your foundation in place as well as giving the correct colour.

– Bronze! –

The final way I have to make a foundation appear darker is to bronze! You of course bronze on your cheeks as well as maybe contour areas. However, if you gently sweep the excess of the bronze over your face, then this will make any light foundation appear much darker as well as giving you a glow!

To make a foundation both lighter or darker, you could also instead buy a cheaper foundation in the alternative direction. For example, if you have a high end foundation that is too light, buy a cheaper drugstore foundation that is slightly dark and combine them together. It involves getting messy but saves a lot of money!

Those are the only ways I have used to lighten or darken a foundation, do you have any good tips?

  • The Body Shop have lightening and darkening drops. You add it to liquid foundation to make the colour right for you☺ x

    • Oh really? How did I not know this haha, thankyou! x

      • I think it’s a fairly new thing. But it looks good, as it should make most liquid foundations a workable colour☺ x

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    • I hadn’t until recently actually but it does work really well and obviously gives that extra bit of coverage too! Haha & thankyou! x

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