Current Beauty Wishlist (Imaginary Favourites!)

Hey hey. I would usually be posting some form of favourites today but to be honest, I haven’t really tried anything new this month so it would only involve repetition and that’s boring. So instead, I thought I would share with you my wishlist for this month as if I owned these products they would more than likely be on the wishlist!

I also want to know if any of you have watched either The Jungle Book or Captain America Civil War yet? These films are two I really wanted to feature in a favourites as I loved loved loved both these films. It’s no surprise really as I love Disney and I love Marvel so I guess it was inevitable but yeah, have any of you loved them as much as me?

On with the wishlist…


Too Faced Melted Lipstick Chocolate Cherries

I really really love the deepness of this colour. I am yet to find a bright red lipstick that suits me so  I tend to go deeper or lighter and this is a perfect deeper shade in my opinion.

NYX Liquid Lingerie Exotic

Following on from my above point, I love how this is a subtle red tone. I cannot wait to get my hands on this.

Clarins Summer Bronzing & Blush Compact

One thing I don’t actually own at the moment is a bronzer. It isn’t actually a product I wear all that much to be honest but I now really want one as an alternative to contour / simply because it’s  g e t t i n g  warmer. I really love how this one has the element of blush within it!

Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Water Foundation

I feel as though this foundation has been everywhere recently and from what I have heard about it, I do think I would really get on with it. I get on well with a variety of foundation types but as you may know, one of my favourites is L’Oreal True Match and that’s quite watery. From that alone, I think I would love this foundation haha. I also just really want to try a water foundation.

Origins Mega Bright Night Mask

I need some form of night mask to get rid of the variety of dark marks across my face and I love Origins so I feel we would get on. I never usually want anything until I’ve endlessly searched reviews, swatches etc. But, I’m at a point where I just will try any/everything and as I said… it’s Origins and it isn’t cheap so I’d hope it would work!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I’ve wanted this mascara for around 2 years now. Don’t ask me why I haven’t bought it yet, it’s one that I just forget about when shopping. I know this mascara is very love or hate however, from the reviews I have seen where people have loved it, I think the end result is definitely worth me trying it!

Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Palette

I’m a massive Makeup Revolution fan and this palette is £10. Absolute bargain. I’ve actually seen a few negative reviews of this palette but nonetheless it’s a palette I want to own as I can’t imagine disliking it.

Giorgio Armani Si Perfume

You may have seen this in my perfume wishlist and it’s been on a wishlist of mine for 2 years I just cannot justify the price of it! BUT it smells so so so so so good and I will own it one day!

HydrateM8 Water Bottle

I’m one of those strange people in this world who like to carry a water bottle around with them. I guess it’s not really that strange but for me it’s the one thing I have OCD with. I don’t like using others’ glasses if they aren’t exceptionally clean and even then I would like a straw. Therefore, a water bottle is a saviour! I owned a pretty daisy printed one from Primark until I dropped it on concrete and it broke so ever since, I’ve been lusting after this water bottle from HydrateM8. I think it’s a really good idea to have times on the side of the bottle as I drink a lot of water throughout the day but I tend to drink a lot at one time and then not a lot at other times so I think it’s a great idea to have a steady flow of water throughout the day.

Lush Hot Java Bath Bomb

I haven’t actually smelt this before but I came across it on the Lush website and it’s cinnamon scented. It’s like Christmas has come early! I just know I’d love this bath bomb.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Another product that has been on my wishlist for absolutely ages. I don’t need to tell you how amazing it looks, I’m certain you’ve either seen it or own it!

And those are the main things on my beauty wishlist at the moment. If you were to add up the combined price of them all you will understand why they are on my wishlist and actually not in a favourites post!

What have you either been loving this month or lusting after?

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  • Thankyou!

  • I’ve never seen the Lush bath bomb but it sounds so up my street. Love cinnamon x

    • I only noticed it yesterday and me too! Surprising for this time of year but I don’t mind a hint of Christmas haha x

      • Haha cinnamon is gorgeous all year round☺ x

  • the water bottle looks interesting! i’ve never seen these kinds before. xx lovely post.

  • This Too Faced mascara and Clarins compact are also on my wish list 🙂

    • Hopefully we get hold of them soon! Thanks for leaving a comment x