Primark & New Look Haul May 2016!

I’ve finally had the chance to sit down and put a couple blog posts together so here’s to being back on track! I did want this post up on Sunday, and it briefly was up on Sunday but then I had a little customising I wanted to do on my blog so I thought I’d wait until I was happy for my blog and I finally am!

If you read my blog, you may know that every few months my Mum & I will take an expensive trip to Primark. I didn’t actually spend that much money this time round but I spent enough to make me have to stay indoors for the last two weeks and basically be a recluse. So, I thought I would do a typical Primark haul and I’ve added on three New Look items at the end that I’ve also bought within the last month. I also made the most out of the glorious weather Bristol has been enjoying recently so of course, there are some shadow issues because it’s still unreliable weather! Let’s begin…

Primark-Haul-May-2016-New-Look-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Blogger (6)Peace Necklace £3

I actually picked this up as I stupidly thought it was three separate necklaces and I adore the top one. Then I got it home and realised my mistake but I love it nonetheless and for £3, pretty good!

Primark-Haul-May-2016-New-Look-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Blogger (4)Mickey & Minnie Pocket Tee £6

I actually saw this first on my boyfriend’s sister and liked it so I couldn’t walk past it in store. I had to buy this in a size 14 (I normally wear a 12) but they didn’t have any left and I wanted it that bad. It actually fits OK and I like how it’s nice and casual with a bit of Disney!

Primark-Haul-May-2016-New-Look-Fashion (6)Primark-Haul-May-2016-New-Look-Fashion (7)Suede Pink Dungarees £10

I fell in love with these as I’m still massively loving this colour and for £10 I just thought it was a good price. I tend to struggle with dresses as I’m quite tall but this is actually a good length and it’s just so cute. It’s also really quite thin so it’s perfect for this time of year and will also work when it’s a bit colder with thicker layers underneath and tights!Primark-Haul-May-2016-New-Look-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Blogger (3)Navy Blue Chinos £10 (I think)

Even writing the word chino makes me laugh because it takes me back to being in year 9 and them literally being all anybody wore. I do still really quite like them though and think they are perfect for Spring / Summer. Navy is one of those colours that I find quite difficult to wear as I never really have anything to pair it with. However, with this brown belt I think it will be really easy to wear with a pair of brown sandals!Primark-Haul-May-2016-New-Look-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Blogger (13)Black Trousers £8

I love these trousers. They are around 3/4 length on me as I am tall but I actually like them that length. My Mum also bought a pair and they are full length on her so I think they work both ways. They are sorta peg legged I guess as they are tighter towards the bottom and they are a nice silky material. I think they could easily be dressed up as well as being worn casually in the day time.

I get really really excited when it comes to buying pyjamas. It must be down to the fact that I’m quite a homebody and spend a lot of time in them but I think I have more excitement about pyjamas than clothes. I picked up three pairs ….

Primark-Haul-May-2016-New-Look-Fashion (2).jpgWhite Crochet Pyjamas – Top £4 Bottoms £3.50

I picked up a pair of these in  New Look before my Primark visit and stupidly picked up the wrong size, went back to store and they didn’t have my size! It made me quite sad because I know pyjamas don’t have to look nice but I thought they were really really pretty and I just thought they would look extra nice when I’m a bit tanned. So, when I noticed these in Primark I was so so happy and then even happier when I found out the price. I really love these, they’re such Summer pyjamas and I love them!Primark-Haul-May-2016-New-Look-Fashion (4).jpgFloral print PJS – Top £4 Bottoms £3.50

These are another pair that caught my eye. They’re so pretty and they’re also a overlapping V shape at the back so there is a gap at times depending on your movement. That probably makes no sense so in simple terms, your back will show as the fabric moves. Easier? hahaPrimark-Haul-May-2016-New-Look-Fashion (3) 1.jpg

Jungle Book Set £8

Ahhhhhh am I really sad because these make me really happy?! I loved loved loved the new Jungle Book film and I’ve kinda obsessed about it ever since so  I had to have these pyjamas. They have a few variations featuring longer sleeves and longer bottoms but I went for the vest and short set as I’m lacking Summer pjs at the moment. I just love them and you know, pyjamas are a bare neccessity... 😉


New Look

Primark-Haul-May-2016-New-Look-FashionTie Knit Vest £12.99

I really love the mixture of colours in this vest and I love how it ties on the shoulders – I’m just gonna have to make sure I double knot! It’s quite unusual and it hangs really nicely. It’s slightly flowy but not in a way that makes you look bigger if you know what I mean… I realllly like it.Primark-Haul-May-2016-New-Look-Fashion (1)Khaki leaf print trousers £19.99

I, like a lot of people, live in black skinny jeans and because of this I quite look forward to the warmer months where I can wear more casual trousers. I noticed these in New Look and just had to have them. I also love this green colour! Despite being casual, they are also quite fitted (probably best to click the link above to see them on the model) but they’re still nice and easy to throw on and can be styled many many different ways!Primark-Haul-May-2016-New-Look-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Blogger (7)Black Plimsolls £14.99

Last but not least, a wardrobe staple of mine – the throw on black shoes! I’ve owned a similar pair to these from New Look for the last 3 or so years and it wasn’t until I was playing badminton in Center Parcs that I noticed I could see my toe through them. It was actually quite a sad moment because as I said these are just my simple throw on shoes that I wear so often. So, as soon as I got back in Bristol I basically headed straight for New Look and found these beauties. They’re the same as the pink ones I featured in a favourites post but in black of course and they’re just so comfy and hopefully will last me at least another 3 years like the others!

That’s all for this little haul. I didn’t buy too much in Primark and they do actually have some really nice bits in at the moment – I just need a better job basically so I can fully spend!

Is there anything you’re loving in Primark / New Look at the moment?


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  1. May 17, 2016 / 5:23 PM

    You bought sooo many beautiful things! Very jealous! Think I need to go shopping now! x

  2. May 17, 2016 / 5:30 PM

    Loved reading this! You picked up some lovely bits I love going to primark it’s one of my favourite places to shop! I actually picked up the pink pinafore dress but put it back down as I was unsure what kind of top to wear underneath it…. so annoyed I didn’t just buy it cos it’s such a lovely colour! They also had in khaki too! But I’m going to London next month to buy holiday clothes, so will definitely pick it up! xo

  3. May 17, 2016 / 5:32 PM

    Loved reading this! You picked up some lovely bits I actually picked up the pink pinafore dress but put it back down as I was unsure what kind of top to wear underneath… so annoyed I didn’t just pick it up! But I’m going to London next month to buy holiday clothes, so I’ll definitely pick one up then! xo

  4. kaiesha stewart
    May 17, 2016 / 5:40 PM

    Go go go! You can never do enough shopping haha x

  5. kaiesha stewart
    May 17, 2016 / 5:41 PM

    I bet it’s lovely in khaki! They didn’t have that when I went. You definitely should, once you have it you have to find things to wear with it… any excuse to buy more clothes haha x

  6. Anonymous
    May 17, 2016 / 9:19 PM

    Hi Kaiesha – what great buys!! I particularly love the peace necklace and the pajamas. 🙂 I live in NY so we don’t have a Primark here. Is it a regular dept store? Many blessings, and thanks for sharing this info.

  7. May 17, 2016 / 9:20 PM

    Sorry I don’t know why my WordPress blog didn’t post here….maybe b/c it’s via Gravatar 🙂

  8. kaiesha stewart
    May 18, 2016 / 10:44 AM

    It is just a regular fashion shop however it is slightly cheaper so you can get a lot more for your money. It’s a shame they don’t have a website! x

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