£2 Ebay MAC Lipsticks?

While searching the internet for different colour Mac lipsticks, I noticed that there were some being sold on Ebay for just under £2. Despite knowing they were fake and knowing they wouldn’t be as good as real Mac lipsticks, I still bought two colours just to try them out and see how much of a dupe they could be. I chose to order Sin because it’s known as a beautiful deep purple, berry colour and Studded Kiss for a deep pink / red shade.


If we start with the packaging, they are very similar, almost identical to Mac packaging just obviously cheaper materials and the printed Mac writing has begun to wear off despite only being handled a few times. As soon as I took the lids of these lipsticks I knew I wouldn’t like them. The actual lipstick looks almost plastic like if you get what I mean?  They basically looked the same as a lipstick I probably had out of a Barbie make-up set when I was 6 and they just didn’t look like they would be good for my lips.

£2 Ebay Mac Lipsticks (4)

I did hold out some hope for these lipsticks as the actual colouring when looking at the tube is quite promising. They are pretty similar colours to the original Mac colours although slightly lighter. However, when applied to my lips, they aren’t similar to the original colours at all and Studded Kiss is actually a faint, pale red and Sin is basically a fuschia colour. They were pretty much the same colour on my lips as shown in the above swatches and with the same amount of shine arrrgh!

In terms of application, the lipsticks are easy to apply and actually quite smooth on the lips. A major let down is that they aren’t at all matte. I am obsessed with matte lipstick and thought even if these are a good matte lipstick for £2 I’d be happy, but as you can see by the swatches, they have a definite sheer shine to them – disappointment. I applied and applied this lipstick to try to get more coverage as it was applying quite patchily but it just wasn’t happening! I couldn’t take photos of it on my lips because my lips are going through a major dry phase annoyingly.

Overall, I wouldn’t reccommend these lipsticks. I was hoping they would be a decent £2 Ebay lipstick despite not being genuine Mac but no, not at all. I don’t think the MUA Matte lipsticks sold in Superdrug for £1 are amazing, but even they are better than these. So if cheap lipsticks are what you’re after, I’d definitely recommend heading to Boots and swatching some of their cheap lipsticks or if you aren’t bothered by the cost of lipstick then of course splash on the genuine brand lipsticks – they are definitely worth it. Some Ebay make-up might be a hit but these are definitely a miss!

Have you tried and been disappointed with any make-up from Ebay?