4 Favourite Collection Products!

I wanted to post my favourite Collection items as Collection is of course a very, very affordable brand so thought it might be interesting, maybe helpful and be a nice alternative to the more expensive brands.

Lasting Perfection Concealer

I have this concealer in warm medium. This is one of my favourite concealers and it’s also one of many bloggers / Youtubers favourite concealers so that’s telling you something! It’s so creamy, so blendable and covers blemishes so well. I tend to apply it on my hand and then dab my sponge on it for skin application and it just works so well for me and lasts for me all day.

As you can see in the above images, the only issue is the packaging of this product as the writing has completely vanished but other than that, definite Collection fave.

Speedy highlighter

You may know from my NYX post that I am not a fan of cream contours or highlight but this is the exception! I find this product so smooth to apply and it is really creamy but I don’t find it a problem with this highlighting stick as it is still easily blendable and buildable although I don’t think it needs much building as it really is an instant insane highlight! Again though, the packaging isn’t great and the writing has all rubbed off!

Gorgeous Glow Blush Block

I bought this blush block at the beginning of the year because I wanted a nice highlighting blush ready for the Spring. I really, really like this and I like how you can either use all the colours together as I tend to or you could individually although I do think that would be really difficult! The product is so soft to touch and feels so smooth when applying to the skin its actually crazy how soft it is! It honestly gives a lovely Spring glow and is perfect for this time of year.

Contour Kit

I raved about this product in this post here and it really has become my everyday contour product. It is really the perfect contouring shade for my skin tone and the highlight has a nice amount of shimmer to itso it can be worn to highlight all areas of the face. It blends really well and is really easy to build up so it can be worn both for a more natural contour or for that little bit more extreme!

Those are my 4 favourite Collection items. I think Collection products are really good for their price and as I’ve said, my only problem is that they could make the packaging longer lasting for aesthetic reasons!

I really badly wanted this post to be a 5 favourites but I didn’t have another favourite to add as other products I’ve used I haven’t found as amazing as the ones I’ve mentioned. So, if you have any favourite products from Collection Cosmetics then please let me know!

  • Love the blush kit!! I have it too xx Great post!! More things to check out 🙂

    • kaiesha stewart

      It’s perfect for this time of year isn’t it! Collection is such a lovely brand. Thank-you for leaving your comment! x

  • Parie Joshi

    Its been ages since I last used the Collection concealer, need to re-purchase!

    Parie x

    • kaiesha stewart

      It is one of the best out there isn’t it! x