Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream Review & Swatches

I’ve heard the name Sleek a lot but I didn’t ever consider buying any of their products until I noticed them being stocked in Boots. I walked in one day and swatched all the Matte Me lip creams and had to buy some.  I picked up two of the original colours: Birthday Suit & Rioja Red and then two of the new collection colours: Fired up & Old Hollywood and those are the four I’m swatching and reviewing! 

The packaging is alright. I have a pet hate against packaging that has too much going on and these are quite simple other than the large writing so I can deal with it! Another general review for all the Sleek colours is that they all dry so quickly – always a plus and they don’t leave your lips feeling dry! They are honestly so velvety soft.

Another super positive about all shades of these lip colours is that they are so long lasting and durable. Obviously, expect the typical wear and reapplication but I mean it’s still a bit of a struggle to get it off at the end of the day!

Sleek-Matte-Me-Lip-Cream-Old-Hollywood-Fired-Up-Rioja-Red-Birthday-Suit-Swatches (8)

Birthday Suit, Rioja Red, Fired Up, Old Hollywood

Sleek-Matte-Me-Lip-Cream-Old-Hollywood-Fired-Up-Rioja-Red-Birthday-Suit-Swatches (5)The applicator of the original colours are a flat doe foot. I do personally prefer the original shape doe foot and to be honest I don’t know why I do because these applicators are equally as good, I guess I just like my comfort zone!?

A word of warning, you 100% need a lip liner for application – I just actually keep forgetting to buy myself a new lip liner so outlines aren’t the neatest below!

Sleek-Matte-Me-Lip-Cream-Old-Hollywood-Fired-Up-Rioja-Red-Birthday-Suit-Swatches (7)Birthday Suit

This is a lovely pink nude and to be honest, it’s a colour I normally wouldn’t pick up as I wouldn’t think it would look OK on my skin tone but I do quite like it. Although every lip colour shows up differently on different skin tones, I do think Birthday Suit has the biggest colour variety. I’ve seen some swatches of this colour where it’s a much deeper purpley nude and as you can see it’s much more of a light pink nude on me so I’d definitely swatch it before giving it a go!

Sleek-Matte-Me-Lip-Cream-Old-Hollywood-Fired-Up-Rioja-Red-Birthday-Suit-Swatches (6)Rioja Red

If you read my blog regularly, you may have heard me go on about how I am not a red lipstick girl as I haven’t found a red that suits me. Sleek has massively changed the game for this and has made me love bright red lipstick. I love Rioja Red, it dries so matte and it’s just so velvety to touch and you can see from just looking at it, how velvety it actually is. This is definitely my favourite colour from Sleek’s Matte Me ranges!

Sleek-Matte-Me-Lip-Cream-Old-Hollywood-Fired-Up-Rioja-Red-Birthday-Suit-Swatches (4) 2
s you can see, the newer shades have more of the typical doe foot that you would expect.

Sleek-Matte-Me-Lip-Cream-Old-Hollywood-Fired-Up-Rioja-Red-Birthday-Suit-Swatches (1)Fired Up

I adore the colour that Fired Up dries.  Again, another red shade lipstick changer for me. Like I said before, obviously for actual wear use a lip liner haha but other than that it’s such a lovely colour – a nice deep red.

Sleek-Matte-Me-Lip-Cream-Old-Hollywood-Fired-Up-Rioja-Red-Birthday-Suit-Swatches (2)Old Hollywood

I really, really like this colour. It’s kinda similar to NYX Copenhagen but Copenhagen’s that little bit deeper purple I’d say. The only issue I have with this shade is that it is the only one that I found applied patchily, it definitely needs another coat. I wanted to only photograph after one coat so you can still get the colour for it and see how it dries etc. but this one definitely needs a second coat. I tbink this is a really lovely colour!

Overall, I’m really impressed with these lip colours and for less than £5 they’re definitely worth picking up. I only picked up these colours as they’re the only shades I really liked/ wanted but they have a much larger colour variety to choose from so I really recommend these!


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  • Parie Joshi

    Old Hollywood is such a gorgeous colour!

    Parie x

    • kaiesha stewart

      Lovely isn’t it!
      Thankyou for leaving a comment xx

  • Anonymous

    Will definitely have to give these a go x

    • kaiesha stewart

      I really recommend!

  • Gorgeous shades!! 🙂

    • kaiesha stewart

      Lovely reds aren’t they! Thankyou for reading / leaving a comment! x