Is Blogging Worth It?

*I should probably warn that this post is a massive stream of consciousness, so it might not really flow*

I have had my blog for a few years now but I’ve never been one for regular posts. At this point, I haven’t posted for around a month. I’ve had stuff going on, I’ve been a little busier and not really had the time to sit down and blog but I’ve also reached a point where I’m starting to think, is there a point?

I really really enjoy blogging. I love writing, I love reading, I love photography and I love photo editing so really, the world of blogging is perfect for me. It’s genuinely something I enjoy doing in my free time but I can’t keep fooling myself that I write my blog only for me. In one sense I do because as I said, I enjoy writing so, but when writing, I address you, the reader, not myself so the fact is, the purpose of my blog is also for other people. That’s obvious when you take some of my posts into account, for example, product reviews – I’m clearly not reviewing a product for myself. At the beginning though, I was writing my blog for myself. I was at university studying a course I didn’t want to study and I just wasn’t in a great mind space. Blogging gave me something to do. Something I enjoyed.

The blogging doubt comes from the world of blogging being absolutely saturated. Although that’s great, it means so many people are trying to get themselves out there. There isn’t limited space so fortunately, there is enough room for everybody. We all have different opinions, different viewpoints, live different lives and therefore, each blog is individual to each person and appeals to different people.

The problem comes when blogging becomes selfish. When seeking the attention of others for your blog, you, of course, want more followers, more subscribers, more comments, and I think this gets in the way of blogging. How many consecutive Instagram likes do you get where it’s clear they don’t actually like your photo, they just want you to return the favour? How many insincere comments do you get on your blog posts where somebody has forced themselves to comment something, anything just so they can redirect your attention to their blog and then get your follow/like or comment on their blog? So many people are guilty of doing it, I’m guilty of having posted useless comments.

Despite blogging being something many of us do in our spare time for fun, it takes a lot of time. You hear full-time Bloggers/Youtubers getting lots of stick for their job title but no matter somebody’s opinion, it does take up so much time and it is a credible job. I’ve spent a really long time on some previous blog posts that have received one or two comments and I can’t lie, it’s annoying. I don’t think my blog is better than other blogs and there is no reason why people should come to my blog over another blog BUT, it’s still a bit of a bummer. Whether a blog is better or worse than another, it’s still somebody’s blog and I just think it’s a shame that blogging, despite in a sense being for others, can also be incredibly selfish.

This isn’t the case with everybody. I mean I’m not just ranting about blogging in general. I do also receive many sincere comments and I am so grateful for each of you reading my posts, liking my posts and following my blog. It’s crazy how when blogging, you build a connection with people you’ve never met and support each other.

I don’t really know my viewpoint on blogging at the moment. As I said, I love it, so I don’t think I’ll stop myself doing something I enjoy but I just don’t know if I will give myself as much pressure. At one stage I was posting every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday but that definitely became too much and aided my disconnection from the world of blogging. Who knows what will be the pattern I fall in to, but as I said it won’t be pressured.

That’s it for my rant post I guess! Do any of you go through stages of feeling massively disconnected from your blog and feeling as though you’re wasting your time? If so, how do you get yourself out of the slump?

  • I just went through this where I felt like blogging was a chore and it didn’t even feel natural or fun anymore. This whole I have been blogging on and off because I would simply get tired of blogging. I took a break in the month of June and I wasn’t even sure if I was going to get back into blogging but I missed posting and running my blog. I guess if you are feeling disconnected you could take a break and then evaluate how you felt during that break. I agree with you that blogging can get selfish, especially because we are so obsessed with those numbers. I always try to catch myself when I start thinking only about what others would like and ignoring what I like just for the sake of the numbers. I hope you find out how you feel about blogging and know that you are not alone when feeling doubts about blogging!

    • kaiesha stewart

      It’s definitely annoying going though a blogging disconnection but I’m glad your break worked in your favour and your back to it! I’m hoping that lessening the pressure of posting might help me so fingers crossed!
      Thankyou for your comment xx

  • Such a truthful post, it’s so refreshing to read posts like this! xx

  • maybe try planning a few posts without giving yourself a dead line? It might get you back into the flow of things & I genuinely enjoy reading your posts, Iv always loved your blog ☺️ I hope that makes you feel a bit better haha ❤️❤️

    • kaiesha stewart

      I’m busy stuffing to actually write posts in the first place! But thankyou, it means a lot and I’m the exact same with your blog, look forward to reading your posts! Xx

      • Aw no, just wait for the motivation to come, we’ll all still be here ☺️ And that you! ☺️❤️❤️

  • Every now and then I feel that way. I struggle when people I know don’t really read my blog much or don’t understand it and think I just play around on the Internet all day (I know I shouldn’t care but I do). Also, I struggle to find the balance between wanting for more traffic and focusing on content. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!

    • kaiesha stewart

      It’s definitely a battle when you’re a blogger. You love love love getting more blog exposure but then it’s so easy to start writing about things that aren’t really you. Your blog is lovely though and I love your header!

  • I really hear you, Kaiesha. A few things that make it work for me are: reading a comment from someone who was inspired to forgive; having fun with my post like writing a poem!; and giving myself space to do what feels joyful for me. Anyway, it’s so good to honestly explore what’s true and on track for you. Thanks!

    • kaiesha stewart

      Thank-you so much for your ideas!

  • Blogging is just a part for me to share what I love and like. I started blogging because of my first post that just for fun and trying, in return I receive motivations and positive feedback that bring me into blogging life. I’m working full-time during the day. So, manage the work loads and also to be able for me to update consistently is really tiring. Sometimes, I just feel like stopping my blog life and just lay down for a rest. But somehow, there will be one or two readers that like your post truly and love reading it. So, don’t give up…
    I take rest too. From now, I have learn something. You no need to blog regularly to gain subscribers. Writing with a relaxing mood will make your post better. They will love what you bring to them..
    Love, Jess

    • kaiesha stewart

      I’m definitely taking a lot of what you’ve said on board. It is so lovely receiving genuine comments on posts I create! I have found that having a break has given me more ideas in terms of blogging, I just now need to find the time to actually create the posts haha!
      It is a case of why give up something you enjoy I guess so I don’t want to stop blogging altogether and I hopefully won’t.

      Thankyou so much for your comment! x

  • Hiii!! I used to blog to when I was in highschool and then somehow I stopped when I got into college but I’m getting back at it again! I just came across your blog and I AM ONE GUILTY KID. I remember doing that when I was in highschool and I’ll get depress why no one reads my blog so I think it started my hiatus from there. So please don’t stop! I’ll look forward to your new posts! ✨

    • kaiesha stewart

      Thank you so much, definitely a lift I needed x