4 Months Later…

4 months have (almost) gone since I’ve looked at my blog! I’m not sure why or how so much time has passed but we’re now firmly out of Summer and safely in to my cosy nest of Autumn / Winter yay. And to be fair, I think this is a good time to come back to blogging as there will be so many cosy nights in, perfect for blogging!

I thought I’d do a little life update for the tiny majority of you who read my blog and actually don’t know me. From July – August life was pretty plain sailing, the typical. September is when I’ve had the biggest life changes.

  1. I started university (again), studying law! If you don’t know I started university in 2014 studying fashion photography and dropped out due to a variety of reasons. I’m quite an aspirational person despite mostly having 0 motivation so I knew I 100% wanted to go back to university and get a degree. So here I am, after a full month of studying law and my only comment to give right now is that it takes reading to a whole other level and beyond. I can read 4 hours straight and still have tons to do and I’m actually a pretty fast reader but of course reading & understanding are two different things. I’m struggling on the life front since I’ve started university again if I’m honest but that’s for different blog posts and not for now.
  2. I turned 21! I know turning 21 isn’t as big a deal in England as it is in America but for some reason I’m unaware of, it’s still an age we look forward to celebrating. So yes, I celebrated turning 21 on the 9th September and it was lovely. My boyfriend surprised me with a visit to Thermae Spa in Bath and an overnight stay at the Hilton & it was so nice & relaxing! I then celebrated with family / friends at home the day after and of course it rained on an outside gathering but nonetheless it was nice to spend the day with those closest to me. I’ll post a few pictures in a separate post but I didn’t actually take many!
  3. I left Sainsbury’s for good!! I had worked at Sainsbury’s for the best part of 4 years. I left for just over 2 months along with my failed university experience and then embarrasingly returned. However, I have now left and will 100% not be returning!! I reached the point in that job where I really disliked it. I was up every day of the weekend at 6am which as you can imagine was hell for a 17-21 year old. I also just got bored. It was retail, I never wanted to climb the retail ladder it was simply a part time job from leaving school and believe me, I can safely say I will not be returning to Sainsbury’s. I now work part time as a receptionist alongside university if you’re wondering / care!

Other than that, my life is fairly similar to when I last blogged, as you would probably expect after just 3 months. I of course want to get back in to blogging as there’s nothing I enjoy more than personal writing and my blog is definitely somewhere I feel I can do that – despite still finding it fairly awkward and uncomfortable when somebody I know reads it.

In terms of the direction for my blog, I have a feeling it is mostly heading in the lifestyle direction. I may be wrong and it may remain a complete mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle but at the moment, I feel as though I have more to say related to general life.

Other than that, I think that’s all I have to say. Ooh other than, I have a new blog layout – I love it! Hope everybody’s well!


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