Meet Lokko!

We have a dog! Meet Lokko, my households new little puppy. He’s a 14 week old blue French Bulldog and he’s so beautiful! I still live at home, so by household I mean my Mum, Dad, and 3 younger siblings and we have never been a pet household. Unpopular opinion but I hate cats, never actually been too fond of dogs and guinea pigs, rabbits, fish blah blah – the novelty has worn off shortly. However, my older brother recently got a dog, two Frenchies: Prin & Lilo and my house have just completely fallen in love and we had to have one.


I was still a little apprehensive and a pros and cons list was created but it made 0 difference as we ended the list with equal amounts of both, so in other words, we ended with the exact same outlook as we started. So like I said, I was apprehensive, my Mum and siblings were 100% yes and my Dad was a straight no. Or at least everybody thought, he actually went with my brother to go pick up Lokko and then surprised everybody!


So, we got the name Lokko from my Dad and his connection to music and it’s stuck pretty quickly. He began responding to it after a day – or maybe that’s just because we all say it with the squeakiest tone that it’s just impossible to ignore…

He’s still getting used to us, and it’s heartbreaking to hear him crying at night but he’s so playful and loveable. I love how he cuddles into us when he’s sleeping but, the snoring and farting aren’t the one.

But yeah, this is Lokko and he’s a little cutie.