21ST BIRTHDAY: A Few Photos

My 21st birthday was two months ago but I wanted to share a few photos. Unfortunately, I actually mean a few, I massively regret that I didn’t take many photos this year and that’s so unlike me.

I’m starting with my two cakes. On my actual birthday, I had the second cake, made by my Aunty – the top layer was sponge and the lower layer rum cake [my fave]. Then, for my house gathering the day after, I had the  b e a u t i f u l   first cake below. I did not want to cut this cake at all, it was so so pretty and tasted so good too.

On my actual birthday, I went for breakfast with family and then my boyfriend whisked me away for the night for a spa break at Thermae Spa in Bath [amazing] and we stayed the night at the Hilton. It was a really different but nice way to spend my birthday. Especially as it was a surprise. 21st-birthday-1

& then a few photos from my garden gathering. Dark lipstick isn’t the best when you’re being too lazy to re-apply so it’s not looking the best! Then the last photo with my friend Halema is the worst photo ever  but it’s actually the only photo I have from that day with a friend so I had to upload it!
21st-birthday-6  21st-birthday-35 21st-birthday-44

And that was my 21st birthday in very minimal photos. It all goes downhill from here I guess with 30 being my next big birthday to celebrate. I feel like it was only my 18th birthday the other day and now I’m firmly out of my teen years… very sad times. I did however have a lovely 21st and received many amazing gifts that I am so thankful for!

  • Happy birthday Kaiesha! What lovely photos, my friend