Stocking Fillers Under £10 For Her

I find shopping for little presents more difficult than the more expensive gifts. Main presents tend to be something you’re certain somebody is going to love whereas with little bits and bobs, I don’t know, I just find them slightly more difficult to think of ideas.

I therefore decided to find some stocking filler gifts for under £10 and share them with you today. Starting with beauty…


Lush products 

Lush products make a great stocking filler and especially their bath bombs / bubble bars as they tend to always be under £5 and of course smell amazing. I chose to feature the Jester bubble bar as I bought it for my self the other day & I am in love with the scent. It’s citrusy, fresh and so cute, I think it’s a winner. I also picked up the Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb and again, it’s another one of my new favourite Lush smells! It too is citrusy and fresh – the complete opposite to what I tend to go for at Christmas time (I usually love sweet scents) but I would 100% reccommend these two products as stocking fillers. (The Magic of Christmas is another amazing option)

The Body Shop Body Sorbet

These sorbets are so goooood I can’t even explain. In terms of moisturiser, I tend to be a coconut butter lover however these are a game changer. They’re fresh and lightweight but still provide perfect moisture and the fragrance lasts. I’ve used the mango version, strawberry version and satsuma. Satsuma is probably my favourite.

Nail Varnish

Nail varnish is an easy but well appreciated gift! I recently picked up a Barry M molten metals varnish in copper and it’s a perfect shade for this time of year.

Bath / Shower Gifts

I received this Sanctuary gift set as a present when I left work and I thought it was such a lovely gift. I really love the Sanctuary products and they’re well priced too. They’re obviously not the full size and therefore fit perfectly in a stocking.

Make-up Products

Make-up is a broad option to go for. I of course photographed Maybelline Lash Sensational as it’s still my favourite lower end mascara but you could pick up a lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, powder, eyeshadow products – anything for under £10 in Boots / Superdrug – there’s so much to chose from.

Face Mask 

You can get very low priced good face masks. Lush face masks are a good option and L’oreal too!



I would always excitedly wake up early on Christmas morning and chocolate is what would keep me going until it was a satisfactory time to actually wake up my mum. Chocolate coins are a must surely?

Hot Water Bottle / Hottie

I find a hot water bottle to be one of those things that you forget how great they are until you use one again. Everybody should own a hot water bottle and around this time of year they tend to sell them in gift sets or with nicer cases – do you call them cases? I don’t know.

Message Gifts

Thoughtful gifts are the best gifts! Plenty of places sell plaques or cards with writing personalised for different relations and I think they are a really nice present to receive. They’re something that the recipient can keep and they have the sentimental value.


Everbody’s hot drink intake ups during the Winter so mugs are favoured gifts for many people. Personalised mugs are always a nice touch!

Fluffy Socks

Who doesn’t love fluffy socks? £2 in Primark and they’re the cosiest thing in the entire world.


Little card games are a nice stocking addition as it’s something you can actually play with that person on Christmas day and enjoy together. They tend to be fun and this Pub Quiz box set was only £2 from Primark


Key rings have been a big thing this year and they’d make a good gift as they can be used on keys, on bags / purses. I fell in love with this three colour pom pom keyring from New Look.


Much like fluffy socks, I don’t think I know one person who wouldn’t appreciate a throw bought for them at Christmas time. The only suggestion would be to make sure you know their room colour scheme first…


There are many lovely high street jewellery options under £10 to chose from and put in a stocking!


Candles are a winner all year round but especially at Christmas. I picked out this Brown Sugar Allspice Candle From B&M and a Yankee Candle wax melt. You may have heard the raving about the B&M candle and how they are a dupe for Bath & Body Works. I haven’t ever tried Bath & Body Works (although I really want to) but I can say for £2.99 – these candles are amazing! I originally bought the Black Cherry Merlot candle to try them out, and I fell so in love with it I purchased this one too. They’re a two wick candle, burn evenly and honestly fragrance the entire house. Wax melts are also a winner – providing the person you’re buying for has a burner… If not, there’s another gift idea! Yankee Candle of course have the biggest variety of wax melts and I love them. They’re a great stocking idea and they’re cheap too!  stocking-fillers-under-10-for-her-beauty-lifestyle-5Notebooks

A winning Christmas present for females is almost definitely notebooks. We hoard notebooks. This one is from Sainsbury’s!

Q&A A Day

I recommend Q&A a day to anybody and everybody. I think it’s a perfect gift that will stay with the recipient forever as something to look back on. I have had mine for just over a year now and it has been interesting writing and comparing my answers this year compared to last.


Diaries / calendars – typical stocking filler gifts. I bought my diary from Asda a few months ago so they no longer sell it but my two favourite 2017 diaries are this one and this one.


There are of course soooooo many book options. I’ve decided to reccommend the Little Book of Hygge instead of going for a novel. Strange as I haven’t properly read it yet but I’ve skimmed through it and I can already tell it’s going to be one of my favourite books. It’s centred around making everyday activities valuable and appreciating them / making them meaningful to aid your happiness. I can’t wait to read this.


I Hope this post has given some form of inspiration for you late gift buyers! Merry Christmas!