Ferrero Freakshake! – Bristol Beehive Cafe

I’m sure you’re all aware of the freakshakes that have dominated over the last year and so. You also have more than likely saw the work of those at a cafe in Downend, Bristol – The Beehive Cafe as they made it on to The Lad Bible not too long ago and their post was shared   m a n y   times.

I’ve been to the Beehive three times now. The first time I had the Oreo freakshake, the second time I had their freak of the week which was Kinder Bueno at the time [I love Kinder] and then the last time I had their Christmas special, Ferrero Rocher! Their normal all year round freakshakes are £4.95 I’m pretty sure and then for their specials it’s an extra pound. When you think of it as a desert rather than simple milkshake, I think it’s well worth it.



If you still have no idea what a freakshake is, then it’s a milkshake topped with a sugar ring dougnut, topped with cream and then all sorts of treats on the cream. The Ferreo Rocher was so amazing, the rim was also covered in gold sprayed chocolate, topped with sprayed maltesers, chocolate buttons and what I missed in the photo, two Ferrero Rochers! I don’t even want to think about the calories consumed to be honest but I 100% recommend the Beehive Cafe. So if you’re in Bristol and haven’t been, get down there now and eat/drink your heart out!

  • Oh. My. Goodness.
    These Look AMAZING!!!
    Kristy X

    • kaiesha stewart

      They really are so good! I was definitely in a food coma at the end though! x