What I Got For Christmas 2016

Merry late Christmas! I hope you had a lovely day with those dearest to you eating / drinking lots. I ate and am still eating way too much. I’m doing the  annual tradition of sharing with you what I got for Christmas this year. I loved each and every one of my presents this year and feel like everything that was given to me was everything I genuinely love so I guess it proves that people really do know me!

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-23Two Next pyjama loungewear sets from my Mum. I live in these loungewear sets and had previously had my eyes on these two so I was very happy with these!

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-32 what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-29Soap & Glory Sweet Ten-tation gift set from my Mum. I love the Christmas Soap & Glory sets and I love this set even more as the tin they come in can double up as a cake tin! If you know me, you’ll know why this pleases me very much.

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-31Radox set from Mum. I also got one of these sets for my birthday and I had to throw the sponge away as Lokko got it and ripped it to shreds, so I have another now!

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-30The Body Shop Pinita Colada gift set. My Mum had listened to me very carefully as  I told her I loved this smell in passing absolutely ages ago and she got it for me! This set comes with a body butter, a bath lily, shower gel and a body scrub. I adore this smell so much and how amazing are the colours!

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-33All from my Mum. A M&M selection box, The Jungle Book socks from Primark, Palmers coconut oil (I love Palmers) socks from Primark [mine always seem to go missing], a Gift card from Boux Avenue & a Copper diary!

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-28More from my Mother dearest. A dressing gown, cosy socks, slippers & my favourite cotton pads from Primark!   what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-27what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-25The Northern Lights gift set was my final present from my Mum as well as my main present of money. I actually picked out this gift set as I haven’t tried the gold glitter star one, nor the firework one and they look impressive.what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-24This gift set was from my Brother. I love the citrus Lush scent recently so I was so happy this came with both the Satsuma bath bomb and the Bubbly shower gel. I haven’t actually tried any of the products in this set before so I can’t wait to use them!

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-26 Lush So White (I think) bath bomb and the Magic of Christmas bubble bar

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-1I got these presents from my little Godchildren. The framed photo is so cute!

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-20On to presents from the boyfffff. Starting with the Real Techniques Core Collection set. He wasn’t overly impressed when  I had to break the bad news that I already have this set but silver lining, the buffing brush was my favourite brush and I left it in Center Parcs last year so I’m so glad I have it again! The classic Versace Red Jeans perfume, Palmers (told you I love it) body scrub, another Boux Avenue gift card – I can go crazy in there, Miss Hippie mascara – he cheated as I put this in my wishlist, and a Asos gift card from his family!

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-19This is actually the only present I asked for when he asked me what I wanted. This Vogue colouring book! It’s so pretty and although I think it may stress me out a little bit as some areas are tiny to colour in, I really really wanted this and can’t wait to get colouring!

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-21Ferrero Rocher chocolate from my boyfriend and Thorntons chocolate from his family

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-22Isn’t this the most impressive thing ever? 28 Kinder Happy Hippos in the shelf ready packaging for shopped. So impressive. I adore Kinder and especially Happy Hippos!

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016-18Finally, this Bomb Cosmetics gift set from my boyfriend!

I did very well this Christmas and I love everything. I also don’t think I’ll have to buy any bath products for a good few months although I’m sure I will!

It’s so saddening that it’s all over for another year. Christmas is my favourite time of the year but it absolutely flies by! I 100% prefer giving presents to people though and I love seeing others’ faces when they open a present from me and love it! It’s one of the best feelings.

What was your favourite gift this Christmas?

  • Wow Kaiesha what a lovely set of gifts. Your mum, brother and godchildren and boyfriend sound great! I love Lush in particular.

    Have a blessed New Year and so much love your way

  • Anonymous

    That is one of my favourite body shop scents (wish they would make it permanent)!


    • kaiesha stewart

      Me too! It’s so refreshing! x