Board Games For The Best Nights In

During these last few years, I’ve come to appreciate board games. If you’d had asked me to play a board game prior to this I probably would’ve said no, they’re boring. I don’t know where I got the idea of them being boring from, they just were.

My viewpoint couldn’t be any more different now and I absolutely love them. I’m not one of those girls who loves to be out every night. I do like my nights out but I’m also very homely, very chill and I love my nights in.


If you’re like me and like your nights in too, I think a board game night is one of the best suggestions – possibly for New Years if you’re too young to go out or literally for whenever. All you need is your family and/or friends around, the ability to choose teams without arguing, your favourite food/drink and of course some board games.

I’ve photographed four board games that I own and love but I also know a few others that I either know from experience are good, or have heard are good. I’ll start with those ones:

Pie Face

I’m sure you’ve heard of or seen a lot of Pie Face. If not, it’s a game where you can get cream pied whilst turning levers depending on when the tool decides to pie you. It’s a fun game and is also very tense as it lifts every time you turn it slightly so you’re on edge throughout.

Speak Out

I actually now own Speak out but didn’t when I took these pictures. I’m sure you have seen it absolutely everywhere this Christmas as the whole universe and their mother seemed to get it this year. If you don’t know, you put a tool around your gums and it basically makes pronounciation very difficult. You then have to say different things written on cards and your teammates have to guess what you’re saying. Good fun!


Despite having never played it, I know, who even am I? I don’t think  I can create a board game post without including Monopoly. There are many different Monopoly editions to cater to a variety of people. It’s also – I’ve been told – quite a long game so it’s one that will keep everybody entertained for a lengthy period of time. As I said, I can’t rave about it as at 21, I have never played it but I know it’s a winner for many people!



Articulate is my favourite board game and it’s also one I get fairly competitive with. You play in teams and you have to articulate what is written on the card to the members of your team without actually saying the words. The category of things you describe depends on where you land eg. home life, entertainment &  you race against the timer to get from start to finish. I love this game.



Tension is all about guessing the 10 things listed on a card. As you can see, an example card is Things that are red and the opposing team has to guess everything on that card before the timer runs out. Sounds simple but it’s surprising how blank your mind can go and you kick yourself when you realise all the obvious answers you missed.

Trivial Pursuit


A classic board game that everybody loves. All about answering questions correctly, filling up your cheese slice and returning to the middle. It’s another game that can get competitive. Some questions can be fairly simple, whilst you will completely guess others. It’s a game that everybody can enjoy.

The Logo Game


Finally, The Logo Game, another classic. The basis is players identifying different logos and answering questions associated with the logos or in correlation to the theme on the question card. This game takes a little while to get used to and fully understand, it’s also definitely for a mixed age group as there are some logos I’ve never seen before. BUT it’s a good all-rounder.

If you have any board game suggestions do let me know as I’d love to have some new suggestions to play with the family.

Also, Happy New Year! Hope you see in 2017 well 🙂

  • I don’t know if you have an xbox, but a game that is technically like a board game is fibbage and I really recommend. I’m a huge fan of board games, and so the list could go on and on. I really like scattegories also! I would check them out if I were you xxx

    • kaiesha stewart

      I don’t have an Xbox unfortunately. I actually played Scattegories for the first time the other night & really loved it! X

  • Wow no kidding! Thanks Kaiesha. I am only familiar with Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit on this list.
    I used to like playing Scrabble while at a weekend jazz festival (something romantic and fun about it).
    Lots of love for a wonderful 2017,