Dear 2017

I’ve said it in previous posts but here I go again, I have a positive optimistic approach for 2017 and that is coming from a self-confessed pessimist! I quite like the ring to twenty seventeen and to be honest, I just think it has to be better than 2016, surely? Also, despite still feeling a bit lost within myself, I do also feel like a few things are clearer and I now have a fresh start (so cliché) to build on myself and everything for the year ahead. So, this post is me sharing my plans for 2017, whether that’s building on things I already do or starting things from scratch.



As selfish as it sounds, I would really like to work on myself in 2017. I’ve had a fairly blaaah end of 2016 (I’ll share more in other posts) and it’s just made me realise that for the last 5 or so years, I’ve been so lost within myself and within the world – this is starting to sound deeper than the ocean. I have ended 2016 and I want to start 2017 with a bit of a breather. I need some time to myself, some thinking time to think about what I really want and then build on that throughout 2017. As you can tell, I can’t really expand too much further on this point as I don’t know where my heads at yet but hopefully it’s all clear by the end of January.

On to a vanity point, I want to spend a little time pampering myself, whether that’s going out and getting my nails done, having a massage (I’ve not had a professional massage since 2013 and I want one so bad) or simply pampering myself from the safety of my own home, I want some pamper time. I of course pamper myself at home already, so it’s more about getting out and treating myself as and when I can but, even if it’s just making some changes to my home routine by buying some candles or more luxury products or whatever, I just need some vanity in 2017.

Another vanity point, is I want to make a bit more of an effort. I’m all for fashion and beauty – I love them but I also love my bed. I often go out looking pretty awful. Don’t get me wrong, I love my chill attitude I have as I would never want to be one of those people who can’t leave the house without being dressed to the nines BUT I just want to care that little bit more. There’s nothing worse than being out and feeling hideous next to another person. Sorry Niall but I will still occasionally (often) be coming to yours in my pyjamas xx

The final personal one for me is that I want to start saving. I already save a little but where I’ve been in and out of education I’ve never been able to save much. I want to start and I emphasise start savings for eventually being able to move out.


The most important development for me is on the health front. Happiness is the ultimate goal for me for 2017 and even if I’m not fully there by the end, I want to finally be on the right path. Long story short, (again I’ll expand in other posts), I’m 21 and have absolutely 0 idea what I want to do career wise. All I do know is that I don’t want what I would call a mediocre job, but I’ve also realised that I’m  not all for a top dolla job as when adult life fully hits me and I think about children etc (no time soon dont worry family reading this), I want to have a good home/work balance. 2016 has definitely made me realise that life isn’t life if it isn’t filled with happiness so 2017 will hopefully be the year I find my happy career place.

Another health one, I need to get outdoors more. I love fresh air, and since having Lokko, I’ve realised how much I love fresh air and walking. It’s strange because it’s made me see walking as a leisure activity rather than getting from A to B. I’ve realised that walking has the ability to do wonders for me so I need to continue this on a regular basis and make it a part of my general lifestyle.

A pretty obvious, every year one is I want to get healthy. I usually set a resolution of losing weight, and although I still do want to lose weight, my ultimate goal is to be healthy and the weight loss to follow. I’m ridiculously unfit, I’ve gained too much weight these past 5 or so months and I just feel uncomfortable in myself so that’s starting this month and I will continue to change my lifestyle throughout this year. I originally wanted to start this on January 1st but I had a fair bit of food left and was hungover, then I went to town and had a free burger on my GBK app – can’t resist that and then today on the 3rd, I’ve been hit with an illness and have 0 energy to work out and simply only wan to eat snacky unhealthy food. SO, I may have to start on Thursday the 5th with my Mum and I’ll hopefully feel much better then too!


Another main one for me is to just have fun and make memories. Again, 2016 has made me realise that when I’m older, I’ll look back on my youth with many regrets. I want 2017 to change that and this time next year, I want to think that I’ll look back on 2017 fondly. In addition to this, I need to take more photographs in 2017. I love photos, I love cameras but for some reason I became really lazy on this front in 2016. You’ve probably already heard me moan about not taking many photos from my 21st and it’s been like that all year. I’m a sentimental person and I love looking back at old photographs so I need to get snap happy.

I want to work on building better friendships in 2017. I have lovely friends don’t get me wrong and I love / appreciate every single one of them. I’d class say, 4 of my closest friends as my best friends but despite this, I don’t have a best friend. You know when you’re just fully comfortable with somebody, you can speak about anything and everything absolutely whenever and you’re eachothers go to point for news / gossip / basically everything? Well I’ve never really had that and as ridiculous as it sounds, I seek it so I need to start working on developing better/ new friendships this year.


On to blogging, I want to develop my blogging confidence. I write this blog for me first and foremost and that’s because it encompasses everything I enjoy doing – writing, photography, editing, talking about things I love and also reading as through me blogging, I read so many other blogs. So I’m constantly asking myself why I’m so embarrassed about my blog, yet I continue to be embarrassed and feel an overwhelming fear of posting anything to my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. I have, and do post to Insta / Twitter but I need to have more of a f#*k it attitude and post what I like!

So there you have my ridiculously long post including all my goals / resolutions / whatever you want to call them for 2017 and I’m feeling pretty positive about them all. As I’ve said I feel optimistic for 2017 and I’m starting the year knowing I need to get my sh*t together as I can’t wander around being lost forever so this is the year I’m going to look back on and feel proud about – I hope.

How are your resolutions going so far?

  • These are great goals to have. Especially the ones that have to do with improving yourself! It’s so great to hear that you want to be more positive and work on yourself as an overall person. I hope you achieve everything you want to in 2017!

    • kaiesha stewart

      Thank you, I hope you do too! X

  • Great resolutions! Have a great 2017!

    • kaiesha stewart

      Thank you, you too! X