My Bucket List

Celebrating the New Year got me thinking about the ways I’d like to improve my lifestyle and one way I thought of doing that was to create a bucket list. I always mentally add things to my bucket list and have so many things I’d love to do within my lifetime. This list is obviously fairly far fetched as well as being very expensive but if money wasn’t an issue, these are things I’d love to do.

P E R S O N A L 

bucket-list-wedding    bucket-list-baby

Have children

Having children is literally a dream of mine. Of course there are 0 intentions for this anytime soon but I genuinely cannot wait to have children and be a Mum. I’m one of 5 in my household and I just love children.

Get married

Another one I have 0 intentions for anytime soon but I’m a typical girl in the way that I have dreamt of my wedding day for many, many years now and cannot wait for the day it happens

Volunteer Abroad

This is something I have wanted to do so long now. I’d absolutely love to go and volunteer in a country in need. I’s love to go and work with children and help build schools, houses etc.

Own a Home 

I hope and pray that one day I own my own home. I cannot wait to make a house a home and have everything exactly as I like it. If money wasn’t an issue, I’d love to build my own home – that would be amazing.

Get Published

I don’t know how this would even be possible in my current situation but I’d absolutely love to have a book or something published. Something to keep, something others can read and something with my name on.

Achieve & Maintain Ideal Weight

This has been a goal for absolutely years now but I want to achieve my ideal weight this year and then maintain my weight and a more active lifestyle forever.

T R A V E L 

  bucket-list-safari bucket-list-disney bucket-list-blue-lagoon


I’ve never been a pet person (until Lokko) but I’ve always loved big animals and have always wanted to go on a proper safari in Africa and be completely immersed in it.

Fly First Class

Who wouldn’t want to experience flying first class?

Disneyland & Disney World

I’m starting smallish by wanting to go to Paris first but I’d love to visit both Paris and Orlando and stay for a few days. I’d also love to be there perhaps over Christmas / New Year and get to experience their amazing firework shows.

Blue Lagoon

I’m all for a bit of a pamper and where better to go than the Blue Lagoon? It’s absolutely stunning and just looks so calming and relaxing. I’d absolutely love to visit it.

Be in Times Square for New Year celebrations

Pretty standard. There’s a hell of a lot of people but I don’t imagine you could have a better atmosphere than Times Square at New Years.

bucket-list-bora-bora bucket-list-bora bucket-list-rome

Visit Rome & all the landmarks

I’ve wanted to visit Rome for about 5 years now. It’s a beautiful city with so many amazing landmarks I would love to visit. I also think it would be an amazing city to photograph.

Secluded, Picturesque Holiday

I’m talking the Maldives, Bora Bora. Absolutely anywhere that has nice white sands, the bluest sea, little walkways to your own accommodation that also has your own secluded pool and a balcony with a walkway to the water. You know the kinda holiday I mean because I’m sure it’s on your wishlist too!

Niagara Falls

I think Niagra Falls is a must see for so many people. It’s so beautiful to look at.

Visit Dunn’s River Falls

I want to visit Jamaica in general and when/if I ever get there I’d love to visit Dunn’s River. This is something I know is on my Mum’s bucket list and I’m sure that’s why I’d love to go there.

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Go Skiing

I already have a pessimistic approach to skiing and I think I’d be awful at it! I’m also one of those people who get frustrated when I can’t do something right so I’m sure it’d also be a holiday I’d cry on BUT I’ve heard so many great things about skiing and I want to go. I love the idea of it being cold and getting wrapped up warm. Skiing resorts also seem to always be the most picturesque places  e v e r!

Scuba Dive

I’m not very good with water but I’d love to scuba dive and see all the amazing colours / creatures.


As I said, I’m actually really quite scared of the sea but I think a cruise is a must have for everybody’s bucket list. I hadn’t seen a cruise ship until 3 years ago and was absolutely amazed at how big they are and just how much is actually on one!

bucket-list-new-york-christmas02 bucket-list-new-york-christmas bucket-list-blue-lapland

Visit Lapland at Christmas

I’m a Christmas lover and I don’t think there’s a more festive place than Lapland!

Visit New York at Christmas

Another very very festive place is New York – I really want to go at Christmas time and experience all the festivities

Visit every continent

So far, I’ve only stepped foot in Europe and Africa, I’d love to visit every continent at least once

Climb a mountain

At this very moment in time I would not be able to climb a mountain as I’m so so unfit but I would love the achievement of climbing a mountain in my lifetime. I think the experience of standing at the top of a mountain would feel absolutely amazing.



Girl’s Holiday

My friends and I have been planning a girl’s holiday for years now and it’s yet to happen because we’re all either rubbish or poor. I would absolutely love to go on a girl’s holiday abroad though.

Paint party

They look fun and the colours are pretty!

Lantern event

I don’t actually know what these are called but you know what I mean. Lanterns in the sky are so pretty (I know it’s cartoon but I’m talking that Tangled scene). I love the night sky because I love stars and lanterns are equally as pretty

Swim with dolphins

Maybe this should have been in the travel section as I’m definitely not going to experience this in Bristol but it’s something I want to do

Be a bridesmaid

I cannot wait to be a bridesmaid and celebrate the weddings of people I love dearly

That’s it for my bucket list although I’m sure there are so many I have forgotten and am going to kick myself about later! What’s on your bucket list?

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