My Latest Beauty Additions & Reviews

I’ve become a little spend happy recently and beauty products seem to be my go to. Most of these products have actually been bought in 2017 but a few odd bits are from the end of 2016. Originally, this was going to only be a haul post but I started writing this on the 11th January and as you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged for two weeks as life has got in the way but it has meant I can now review these products too!

beauty-haul-january-2017-14I got my hands on the limited edition Real Techniques multitask set. I’m already a lover of Real Techniques brushes and have needed a bronzing brush of theirs for ages so when I saw this set with a brush I can use for bronzing as well as anything else & an eye brush, I needed it. These are good as you may expect. My only nitpick is that I don’t like the difference in colours of the brushes but that’s just me being boring and liking everything to be plain and simple.

beauty-haul-january-2017-2I had never heard of the brand Rio before ordering these brushes and I only picked them up as I’d been dying to try brushes like these ever since the craze of them. I actually really love them. They’re so so soft and feel really nice on skin when applying make-up. They came in a set of 5 and I only actually like these 3. I find the larger one perfect for applying foundation, the smallest one is good on the old eyebrows and I actually like the medium brush either for blending my concealer or blending my contour.


I endlessly researched The Body Shop’s Drops Of Youth range back in July 2016 when I was buying something for my Mum’s birthday (not offensive, she mentioned it), and ever since then, I’ve wanted to try some products from this range. I picked up this sleeping mask in the sales reduced from £24 to £10. I really like this mask but I don’t necessarily know if I’d buy it again. I wake up with my skin feeling refreshed but I wouldn’t say any more so than my ordinary products. I haven’t been using it for that long so maybe I will eventually love this and it could become a staple but right now, I like it but it hasn’t necessarily wowed me.

I go through stages where me & sleeping really aren’t friends so I wanted to try the This Works pillow spray for a little while now. I included their bauble in my post here and actually managed to pick one up in the sales for £5. The set comes with two pillow sprays and one roll on for your pulse points and I’m really really happy I bought this. I have used it recently and it has knocked me out. I don’t necessarily know if that’s just because I’ve been exhausted lately or whether it is just this product but I have found myself nodding off faster than usual.

beauty-haul-january-2017-13On to my new favourite smell! Champney’s is a brand I would typically walk past in Boots up until now. You know when you smell something and you instantly fall in love? That is literally what happened with me and the Champney’s Citrus Blush. I went straight out and picked up the body lotion, and then picked up the gift set for £6 in the sales too. I’m typically a cocoa butter body lotion kinda girl, but I think this will be a regular buy for me from now on too. Call me Captain Obvious as it is called Champney’s Health Spa, but it does actually make you feel as though you are in a spa – I laaav it.

beauty-haul-january-2017-4I have actually owned this Mac lipstick since my 21st. I really love the red tone of this lipstick – it’s quite spicy if that makes sense to you and I really love it.

I also finally got my hand on some NYX Lip Lingeries! I picked up shade ?? and exotic. These dry really matte and last a really long time – they’re almost as good as the Sleek lip creams on the durability. My only issue, is an issue I have with Nyx lip products in general, and that’s just that they can at times apply a little patchy but it’s easily fixed by applying a little bit more.

beauty-haul-january-2017-1I got the Lady Million Prive fragrance for my 21st birthday and it’s a really lovely smell. I also picked up my trusty Micellar water as it’s just perfect for the times when you can’t actually be bothered with a proper cleanse as I call it.

I received this little sample of the L’occitanne Cherry Blossom hand cream at Christmas and it smells really nice. I forget to carry a hand cream usually but I did actually carry this with me and it has unfortunately all gone.

beauty-haul-january-2017-6  beauty-haul-january-2017-8I think this Miss Manga mascara is really good at separating my lashes. I also find the brush really easy to grab all eyelashes and it holds for the majority of the day.

beauty-haul-january-2017-10 beauty-haul-january-2017-11I really, really, really like this Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette. The swatches above are genuinely just after one swipe of the colour – they are really pigmented. I love the colours in this palette and think they are perfect for natural eyeshadow looks.

beauty-haul-january-2017-9I’m not actually as impressed with this Sleek Solstice highlight palette as I once was. My friend pointed out this palette a long time ago and I was impressed with the way it looked on her but I don’t think it’s as good on me. I don’t really know why there’s a difference but I’ll use it anywho.

beauty-haul-january-2017-15Finally, I bought the Sally Hansen miracle gel set in Birthday suit. The positives: it’s a lovely nude & it strenghtened my nails massively while it was on… I don’t think a nail broke for the entire two weeks. Now the negative, it chipped almost immediately and continued to chip for the two weeks I wore it unfortunately so I’m not too sure of my opinion on this. I might give it another go before I completely write it off.

So, those are my recent purchases, recent from when I initially started writing this post anyway. Hope you’re well x

  • I actually bought myself a set of those nail polishes too, but haven’t had the time to actually try them out! Do they actually last that long!? That’s amazing. I deff have to get on that then xxx

    • kaiesha stewart

      They do last fairly long but I did find the amount they chipped to be a big disappointment. I’d still try it though! xx

  • love your little mini reviews!

    • kaiesha stewart