The Perfect Night In With Steamer Trading

Valentine’s Day is a time of year you either love or hate depending on your relationship status or if you are in a relationship, your partner’s view of it. Luckily, no matter your opinion of the day, it is a commercialised time of the year where the shops get filled with lots of pretty heart shaped junk food, so everybody can still enjoy!

I’m going out for a curry with my boyfriend this Valentine’s and then we’re having a chilled evening in because a) work commitments booo and 2) I/we love our cosy nights in! So, I wanted to share a post centred around the perfect night in featuring some lovely products from Steamer Trading Cookshop that I was very kindly sent earlier this week. I’ve based this post on snacky foods rather than a full meal as I wanted to make the most of the chocolate!

the-perfect-night-in-with-steamer-trading-2the-perfect-night-in-with-steamer-trading-1Chocolate is of course heaven and therefore this Retro chocolate fountain is also heaven! I didn’t do the chocolate fountain justice as I completely underestimated how many chocolate bars it would take to be fully impressive BUT nonetheless, it’s white chocolate (or milk/dark) heaven. You can, of course, get romantic with your partner and feed each other chocolate covered strawberries if you’re into that kinda thing, or if you’re a single, strong independent woman then you feed yourself girll.

the-perfect-night-in-with-steamer-trading-9the-perfect-night-in-with-steamer-trading-1I’m in love with this egg/pancake heart shape! I don’t tend to put much of my baking on my blog – maybe I should start – but I love baking, cooking and making things look pretty so this is perfect for making pretty pancakes or adding that bit of love to yours and your partner’s egg in the morning.  I also think this is the first one I’ve ever seen with a handle and it’s a very good price.



This wood/slate serving board would make the perfect cheese board if you’re impressing your other half/friends but I’m abnormal and don’t like cheese. So, I, of course, used the slate section to serve my pancakes with more chocolate.

Nachos are a good snack food, so I served a deconstructed style on the wood section of the board (minus the cheese of course) with the dips served in these 3 almost heart shaped dip dishes.

the-perfect-night-in-with-steamer-trading-6Another touch for a possibly romantic night in would be of course to go crazy with the heart shapes. A heart shaped ice cube/mould tray gives so many different possibilities with the simplest being heart ice cubes. If you’re slightly more adventurous, you could add sweets to the bottom and cover with chocolate for your own little jazzies!

– F A S T    F O R W A R D    F R O M    T H E   P R E P –

the-perfect-night-in-with-steamer-trading-7  Last but not least is to set up the perfect cosy environment for you and whoever you’re spending the day with to chill, eat and watch lots of cringy romantic films. Basically, pile duvets, blankets, throws & pillows together, add fairy lights and candles – if you’re into tealights then this holder is perfect for a cosy atmosphere.


I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s night no matter how you’re spending it. Above is literally how I’m going to be spending my Valentine’s evening but maybe with a little less chocolate as I’m very much looking forward to my curry!

Thank-you again to Steph at Steamer Trading Cookshop for sending me the lovely products above to use and feature in this post. If you’re into your cookware then I’d 100% recommend what I’ve featured to give you different presentation ideas be that for Valentine’s Day or gatherings in general.

Also, I’ve recently made a new Instagram account (linked above – @kstewartblog_sw) as I wanted one purely for my blog and Slimming World posts so follow me on that account, please. [Yes I am on Slimming World, all the chocolate in this post and for Valentine’s Day / the curry mentioned are all an exception ;]




  • Omg how fun!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your boyfriend, Kaiesha. Much love -Debbie

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