Recent Clothing Haul

The term recent is used very loosely here as these are things I bought in early January but I’ve just been so bad at actually sitting down on my laptop and having the chance to edit my photos / write a post. So, here it goes and I’ll tag anything that is available to buy!

Starting with my favourite piece; this embroidered cold shoulder top from River Island. I can only find the Plus size version on the website so that’s tagged here if you’re interested. I just think this top is so pretty and can be worn either very dressily or toned down a little but still look pretty.

Another River Island piece. I have a bit of a thing for stars lately and really liked this blouse. It reminds me so much of the kinda blouses I used to wear to house parties with shorts and tights ha. Annoyingly this blouse is cropped & that’s basically hell on earth if you aren’t happy with your weight BUT it actually makes the shirt fit me better. I have to get 14 in shirts or blouses because of the buttons and my chest which usually means it’s slightly baggy towards the bottom but because it’s cropped it fits me well!

A nice basic oversized t-shirt from Zara. I actually own little white t-shirts because they never tend to stay nice so I actually need some more like this in time for it getting a little warmer.

Another simple T-shirt from Pull & Bear

This mini backpack from New Look took me back to my mid senior school days where the Nike Mini backpacks were a thing! I love it. I also picked up this mini bag from New Look in the January sales for something ridiculous like £3!  I’m assuming it’s sold out because it’s nowhere to be seen online but I just thought it was perfect for nights out… not that I go on many.

These are out of Stock now but I bought these star hoops from Asos for £6 from a brand called Pieces.

As you can see the lighting when I took these pictures didn’t last very long!

This oversized hoody is from Monki and when they say oversized, they mean oversized. I’m fairly sure (I’m writing this in bed and I feel really poorly so I’m being far too lazy to get up and check) I bought this in either a XS or a S and believe me I am not small in any shape or form but it does take on the general sizing for oversized Monki items and it is big.

Another jumper from Monki but I can’t find this one online. It was actually in the January sales for £12 I’m pretty sure. I love the lazy fit of this. The sleeves are oversized the neck is oversized but it’s just so cosy!

I also have got my hands on a pair of Hunters finally! I don’t really know why I’ve wanted Hunters for so long but I have and I finally have a pair. I also bought myself a pair of Vans in all black earlier this year but when I tried taking photos of them for this post, I was disturbed by a little dog who wanted some attention so instead, I’m just telling you about them.

That’s all for this small haul. I hope you’re all well 🙂


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