Primark Home Haul April 2017

Primark Home is my favourite section of Primark at the moment – I wanted to buy everything. Unfortunately, my bank balance will not allow that so I just picked up a few bits for my bedroom and thought I’d share them. If you’re not a plain colour lover then you will not love this haul as it’s very grey… My bedroom is white, grey and silver so yeah this may not be your cup of tea!

£2 Vanilla candle – almost smells a mixture of vanilla & coconut to me but smells good & a really good size for the price.

£3 Diffuser – I thought this smell combination would be perfect for my bedroom as I sometimes need a bit of lavender to send me off.

£2 Notebook – I’m a notebook hoarder

£1.50 Pens

£11 Gingham duvet cover – I’ve been eyeing up one like this in Ikea for ages but it’s a little bit pricier than this one. So, I had to have this one for £11

£12 Throw – I LOVE this throw. It’s pretty & it’s a really good size especially as it’s getting warmer now & duvet covers can be a bit too much.

£8 pillow – Another thing I love and it goes so well with the throw. One side is a faux suede grey & the other side a distressed metallic.

£6 Lights – I have these going around my ceiling and wall around my bed, I laaav them.

£4 Fairy lights – I actually took these back because they were broken and they’re so flimsy that I didn’t replace them but they are really pretty!

That’s all for my Primark purchases. I did actually buy a pack of neon ankle socks too because they reminded me of school but they didn’t quite fit in with the home, grey haul that’s going on here. As I said, Primark Home is really amazing at the moment – loads of amazing bed sets, fairy lights, throws, pillows, plants, frames – Basically, get to Primark because there’s a whole lot of good & it’s, of course, all good value.

Hope you’re all well!

  • I wish my primark had all the great home stuff that yours has! I can’t wait til they make more of these stores throughout the United States. Everything you got was so cute xxx

    Melina |