Tips: Starting A Blog

Fun fact: This post has been sitting in my drafts since June last year.

Consider Why

Think about your purpose for blogging. Blogging is a massive thing and of course, all the major bloggers are doing it as their job and earning an income. As intriguing as that is, don’t just blog because you see yourself getting thousands of subscribers ASAP and then being contacted by all major brands wanting to work with you because you’ll be disappointed. Blog because you enjoy it, blog because you like writing, photography, interacting etc.

Consider What

This will kind of happen simultaneously with consider why as you need to know what you want to blog about. What are your interests? What excites you? What do you like reading about? These are the things that will allow you to come to a decision over what you want your blog to be about. This could be a few different things together. For example, my blog is beauty, fashion, lifestyle & food and drink! A complete mixture but those are all things I’m interested in and things I like to write about, photograph and share!

Look At Other Blogs

Obviously don’t look at other bloggers in order to copy their content but it’s a good way of getting ideas. This can give you post ideas, photography technique ideas etc. It can also give you blog layout ideas – very, very helpful!

Choose A Platform

You then need to decide on your platform. For me, this was only between WordPress or Blogger and I decided on WordPress simply because I’d used Blogger before during sixth form and wasn’t that amazed so tried something different! Of course, this is up to you, do a little research and make up your own mind.

You then need to decide if you’re going for free blogging or whether you’ll go self-hosted. That’s the difference between having or simply This isn’t the only perk, you have much more customisation freedom with your own domain. You might not want to go self-hosted straight away and wait a little but if this is an option for you then I did do a post about going self-hosted here.

Think Of A Name

As soon as you decide on your platform, you then need to think of your blog’s name. This is entirely up to you although your first choice could possibly be taken. Your blog’s name could be your name, what your blog’s about or completely unrelated (it would of course help if it was related) but that’s the next step!


Once your blog is set up, the next step is to customise! Obviously, this step isn’t as advanced if you aren’t self-hosted but the basics of customisation are the same. You can change your theme, add widgets, add plugins, change the colours etc. There’s plenty you can do to make your blog stand out and it’s really quite fun doing it!

Link to your Social Media (up to you)

You will then have the option of linking your blog to your social media. This isn’t mandatory of course but if you want to get your blog out there then this will help. It will also gain you more views the more you share it across various platforms but of course, this isn’t needed. Your blog might still be scary for you –  I did a post about getting over the fear of blogging – so publicising might be the last thing on your mind but it is an option!

Write A Post!

Your final stage, once everything else is set up, is to get posting! Of course, as I said above, post about what you’re interested in and what you enjoy! There isn’t really any advice to give for posting other than that as your blog is your space to write whatever you want! A few tips that might help though are:

  1. Have a featured image. You don’t need to, but I think everybody’s probably more likely to click on your post if in the reader it has an image and not just writing. I have a post on Photography tips here that might be helpful.
  2. Tag, tag tag! Include tags in your post that relate to either your blog or your post. This helps others discover your blog and it will bring viewers who are interested in what you are writing about
  3. Name your photos. If you have a post on Rimmel foundation, for example, don’t upload images names img.002 and instead rename your photo to something that relates. For example, Rimmel-Match-Perfection-Foundation-Review.jpg

Those are my tips on starting a blog! I’m sure a lot of you reading this post already have a blog so it won’t be helpful but hopefully, this might help a few people who are yet to have started.


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