18 Issues Working In Retail

I worked in retail – a supermarket to be precise – for almost four years but I’m now free from the retail world and basically – can slate it! I’m joking, it isn’t the worst job in the world but for me it definitely wasn’t the best either. A customer facing job comes with some… issues shall we say and I wanted to blog them today! This is a sarcastic post as a lot of these things are clearly what you’d have to expect in retail so it’s just a bit of fun – don’t take it too seriously.

  1. The term ‘assistant’ that was in the job advert seemingly being replaced by servant.
  2. Mastering a fake smile and putting it on pretty much all day.
  3. Doing your good deed and smiling at customers yet receiving a dirty look in return
  4. Being rudely interrupted by customers when gossiping with another colleague – can you not, we’re catching up on our week here.
  5. The sarcastic comments you receive on a till. “Would you like a bag?” “Well how else am I going to carry it home? On my head?” UGHHH.
  6. Hearing the same joke you’ve heard a billion times before. “Yeah, I’m 18…just” from a 70 year old.
  7. Being told that other shops sell a product cheaper than you do and simply not caring
  8. Having to do last minute mental arithmetic tests when customers decides to give you the extra change after you’ve already submit it in the till.
  9. Doubting you’ve given the right change once a customer has already left and having no choice but to go with it
  10. Having to  handle the money that the customer has just coughed and spluttered all over. Yuck
  11. Wanting to stop the transaction when you hold your money out for the change and the customer throws it down
  12. Thinking what is the point 100 times a day after witnessing customers mess up what you have just tidied up 
  13. Having no idea who to listen to when a couple argue over whos going to pay. Being given money by one and having a card shoved in your face from the other. Ummm sort it out children
  14. Trying to put something on the shelf but not being able to as customers are having their morning meeting in the middle of the aisle
  15. Waiting for a customer to count out the sum in small change and then having to pick up this small change and separate it in to the till
  16. The sense of panic wondering if the customer you just served was the mystery shopper and running through the conversation numerous times making sure you did OK
  17. Retail absolutely ruining your Christmas. SHOPS SHOULD NOT BE OPEN ON BOXING DAY! *To be fair, my job now has the potential to do the same*
  18. Mastering the apologetic voice and the multi tasking of apologising while saying something completely different in your head

So there’s 18 things I didn’t like about working in retail. It wasn’t all doom and gloom, I did make some lovely friends during my time in retail. But I am quite ecstatic to have left!!