I Want To Go Back To School

There we have it. The 7 words I was adamant I’d never say, yet here I am wishing I could rewind time. I was the typical 13-16 year old who couldn’t wait to grow up, move on and get out of the prison that was school but oh, how I was wrong.

I’ve actually wanted to go back to school… probably since the September after I left and started sixth form. I actually felt disappointed that my school didn’t offer the A levels I wanted to study because I didn’t want to leave. I must admit, part of this is due to me not being too fond of change, but I did know pretty quickly that I didn’t want to actually grow up and leave.

I strongly agree with the saying “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap” and that’s only become more evident the older I’ve got. Anyway, I’m rambling, the point of this post is to share reasons why I miss school days.

Friends & Social Life

During the 5 years of secondary school, my friendship group was a good size. School is the one place you probably see the most people every day and have so many different friendships with so many different people no matter how close or distant. I’ve probably mentioned this before but my year group was actually very split down the middle so as the years went on, the friendship group shrunk but I didn’t mind this. It was nice to see my friends every day and I look back at it now and wonder how we didn’t get bored of each other and how we never ran out of things to speak about?!

I also really liked my social life at school. Whether that was just going to town window shopping at the weekend or going to house parties during the later years, it was fun.  There was something to be planned, something to get dressed up for and later on, we were always up for getting drunk and then discussing it – or not – at school on Monday. Back then, we would always discuss how we couldn’t wait to reach 18 and go out every weekend… I’ve never gone out every weekend, thankfully, and you don’t know what I’d do to go back to the house party days!

I Want To Go Back To SchoolAt My Happiest

Despite trying to convince everybody I hated school, it was actually the time frame I’ve been at my happiest alongside my 18th birthday. I hated sixth form and haven’t had the best run at post 19 life. But school… those days were good.

I was ballsy at school and to be fair this was probably my worst trait in the eyes of others, and to be fair, there are many things I cringe so hard about from back then but I really miss this trait now. I didn’t care the majority of the time and I loved it.

I miss spending time with a mixed group. My closest friends now are females and don’t get me wrong, I love them to bits but growing up, I was actually always one of those girls who got on really well with boys. No, not in the way most people take that statement, but I’m quite chill and I always found that trait more recognisable in males than females. **** Don’t be completely fooled. Boys can be just as bitchy as girls, they just disguise it well.

I even miss the arguments with teachers about anything and everything. I stand by the fact that it was often the fault of teachers and they really could work on their talking-to-a-teenager-and-not-a-10-year-old skill but I wasn’t exactly the star student. Most of my arguments/detentions were based on my uniform. I mean, I knew full well jeans and trainers weren’t acceptable and I knew as soon as my row was released from assembly I’d hear Kaiesha sit down” but that was all part of the fun and games eh?


This is the part where you switch off but I really miss learning and dare I say it the easy-ish side of education because HAVE YOU SAT A LEVELS?! ( I’m sure Uni essays/dissertations are just as bad but I’ve never stuck around long enough to know…) Long story short, I didn’t get on with A levels but I really enjoyed GCSEs. I actually strangely loved sitting GCSEs… It’s strange because I was a bit of a pain in the ass student up until about year 10 and then something just clicked in me and I realised it was time to sort myself out for my future (because that’s worked out!)  I liked having set subjects to study – apart from options – and just having set things to learn or revise and being able to just get on with it. Education is never like that again… it was great.

I Want To Go Back To School

Routine & No Responsibilities

I don’t like adult life. I actually really, really hate it and this is why school was great. At the time, waking up at 07:20 was a pain in the ass considering I probably only fell asleep a few hours earlier but now, I don’t understand it. How did I think that 7 am was early and that the school day was long when in my job now I wake up at 05:30 and work bloody 12 hour shifts?!

The worst part of the school day for me was trying to convince my Mum to pick me up at the end of it because I hated walking home. It was *slightly* uphill and I’ve always been lazy. Other than that, life was a breeze. No bills, no tax, no worrying about my bank balance – easy peasy.


Although I  don’t agree with the way teachers drum it into you that university is a major thing and you must get 5 A*-Cs, it was nice back then having something to aim for. I personally didn’t want to achieve a grade lower than a C (not because of the teacher’s comments, it was just a me thing) so I had something to work towards. This continues for a lot of people who know exactly what they want to do but there are many people like me who struggle with this and it can be really hard not having a goal anymore.

Growing up is all about independence and while I’ve always been mature and pretty independent, I’ve never been good at making decisions – not the right ones anyway. So, school’s good because there isn’t really much more to think about than succeeding in the core subjects that everybody is doing


I Want To Go Back To School

I’m probably painting school as the best time ever & that definitely isn’t the case. Like everybody, I had many low moments during my school years. It’s just that hindsight is great and I’d go back in a heartbeat.

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    Beautifully written text with great structure and content. – Old school friend.

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      Haha thanks mate!