I Can’t Be The Only One Who…


  • Hates cheese and yes that means pizza too. I don’t know what it is about cheese, possibly the texture but I despise the stuff. It’s such a shame because I really like cheese-less pizza!
  • Dislikes cats. We tend to be a nation of cat lovers yet I despise them. I don’t have the fear factor I just really dislike them.
  • Has wedding & newborn Pinterest boards despite not wanting to get married until I’m in my thirties (now I’ve said that out loud I either won’t get married until my 40s/50s or not at all) and I don’t want a child anytime soon. I just love all things wedding and babies and Pinterest is the best.
  • Takes a longer route home to finish listening to a good song. And I’ll be fully singing/rapping along with it too.
  • Keeps songs on my iPod despite the fact that I dislike them & skip e v e r y  time.
  • Knows TV is trash yet watches it anyway. I can’t help it, I get hooked easily!
  • Doesn’t like coffee. This is something I really really really would like to change because I go for coffee dates and order either a cold drink or a hot chocolate.
  • Doesn’t understand why people take Instagram so seriously – I just don’t get it. I sort of understand the need people have for a theme but you know those people who have about 3 uploads because they think too much about it and then go through & delete lots.
  • Didn’t enjoy Paper Towns. I was really looking forward to reading / watching Paper Towns as I loved The Fault In Our Stars. However, I really didn’t enjoy it. I actually had to force myself to read the book because I wanted to complete it and I don’t think the film was all that much better. Apart from Cara Delevingne of course.
  • Thinks the smell of pork is disgusting. I actually don’t eat pork and haven’t done for 10+ years so of course, this is why I don’t like the smell. I always find though that cooking bacon tends to be a favourite smell for many people but it actually repulses me just a little…
  • Makes a tower with their starburst sweets. I actually think I probably am the only person who does this haha. Somebody from my childhood showed me that they did this and I’ve done it ever since. It can be really quite difficult to squash the starburst down but it’s so worth it.
  • Sometimes walks up two steps at a time. Because… why not? I only do this at home though, not in public!

Let me know if you relate to any of these so I don’t feel completely alone!


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  1. May 21, 2017 / 1:55 PM

    I agree with a few of these! I definitely agree with the Instagram one; I just don’t really “get” social media and what the obsession with it is at all, to be honest x_x this was an interesting post!xx

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