Where Is The Love?

The Manchester bombing really got to me – it’s the children and the closeness to home that did it. Children. The most innocent of innocence. I’ve spent a lot of time since upset, thinking how these people were there to enjoy themselves, to see somebody they look up to perform and it ended so disastrously. I keep thinking how these things can happen to absolutely anybody – including any of my family members/friends and the thought alone is enough to devastate me – I can’t begin to imagine what the family of the victims are feeling.

I’m one of those people who look at the world as absolutely amazing and I find it incredible that we’re here and quite simply that we are living. It baffles me how everybody doesn’t see it this way and it makes me sick to my stomach that people think its OK to end a life or that it’s the right thing to do. We’re all people. We may see things different or have different beliefs but really we’re one race.

I’ve had enough of getting news alerts telling me there’s another suicide bomber, another disaster happening in Syria, another black individual killed by the police or if you’re local, another young male found in the river.

It upsets me that people live in fear because of sick individuals but it is scary. It’s been happening for a very long time but this week has just really opened my eyes. I’ve watched a video of a little boy having a suicide bomb taken off him this week while fearing for his life, a video of another young boy angry and upset because families are being killed constantly in his home town yet nobody cares about his country and I’ve watched the families of the Manchester bombing absolutely broken on TV. Going back a month, I watched an innocent elderly man shot in broad daylight for absolutely no reason in America and I don’t know why I watched it because it had a warning that it would cause distress, but I watched it anyway and it was absolutely heartbreaking to see.

The worst thing is, these are only a select few events. Plenty more tragic events have happened and who knows how many are being planned at this moment. I’m scared for my family, I’m scared for my friends… I’m worried for the world.

A day or two after the Manchester bombing, I was listening to my iPod in my car and Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love played and for the first time in a long time I listened to it, really listened to it and that is what prompted this blog post. It’s a stream of consciousness so it probably doesn’t make any sense.

Of course, life goes on. And in no way should that statement dismiss any of the attacks happening – it’s just a fact of life and I love how everybody comes together after most attacks – it’s just of course, we would all hope the attack wouldn’t happen in the first place.

The only thing left to say is my thoughts are with the family and friends of each individual who has lost their lives in any of the attacks.