The Return Of Snug. Here’s Why I Love A/W Fashion

I’ve officially had the three beeps in my car and the photo of a snowflake alongside 3 degrees, so, it’s cold. I’ve had to get my de-icer back out and started using my demister pad again. The joys of driving hey?

The one thing I am ecstatic about though is the return of jumpers, hats, scarves, and coats. I mean, I wear these things throughout the year but tis the season that they become everyday staples and honestly, it makes me so very happy. Let me tell you why…

The return of being snug. My love for A/W fashion

Jumper: Sainsbury’s (not online) – Similar

*I am yet to Christmas-ify my bedroom so you’d think it was Spring with my faux sunflower*

Body Confidence

Body confidence is a struggle of mine and I don’t really enjoy shopping during the warmer months. The majority of items tend to be either cropped or clingy and when you have rolls, this is not fun.

Jumpers hide my insecurities. I mean, I don’t suddenly think I’m Naomi Campbell and become confident, but I am much more comfortable in the fashion of Winter.


I live for comfy and Winter fashion is perfect for that. I love the snugness of jumpers and the way you can wrap chunky cardigans around you. I’m desperate for a Teddy bear coat because they look like the ultimate cosiness. It’s basically like wearing your dressing gown out and about whilst still looking stylish.


Coats and scarves can often be the staple of an outfit and can immediately dress up an otherwise casual look.

Bed Hair

I can go to bed with perfectly straight hair and wake up looking like Medusa. If I’m going shopping or anywhere it’s acceptable to keep a bobble hat on, I pretty much don’t touch my hair. The hat is basically my hairdresser as, by the time I’m home, my hair is suddenly back to behaving itself.


Boots make me feel sophisticated as my go to footwear is typically trainers.


Colours during Autumn/Winter are my favourite. You have the warm hues of the Autumn and then the festive reds and greens with additional sparkle. Love it.


Do you love fashion for the colder months?