7 Favourite Christmas Bed Sets

Halloween and bonfire night are finished with for another year, so the countdown to Christmas is on. Decorating the house is the start to the real festive feeling but if it’s a little early to turn your house into Santa’s Grotto, make a start in your bedroom.

I’m sharing my 7 favourites, but Christmas bedding is basically everywhere at the moment. I love all the bed sets below but Asda is the place to be for seasonal bedding in my opinion.

Asda George Christmas Bedding Sets

1 | Brushed Cotton Reversible Camping Bears Duvet | Asda 

2 | Brushed Cotton Tartan Duvet Set | Asda 

3 | Christmas Cars Reversible Duvet | Asda

Next Christmas Bed Sets - Penguins & Stars

4 | Brushed Cotton Penguin Bed Set | Next 

5 | Brushed Cotton Stars Bed Set | Next 

John Lewis & B&M Christmas bed sets

6 | Ski Scene Duvet Set | John Lewis

7 | Brushed Cotton Stag Duvet Set | B&M

I have the charcoal stars set from Next and I love it. It’s the first brushed cotton bedding I’ve had and it’s so cosy. I really love the Bears set from Asda but if I bought another, I’d probably buy the Cars set from Asda as the red makes it feel the most festive.

Do you buy Christmas bedding?