iPhone 8 vs Samsung S8: The Simplistic Pros & Cons

iphone 8 vs samsung s8

iPhone 8 vs. Samsung S8

I’ve been an iPhone user for the last 7 years and this is the first year my eyes have been attracted to another phone, the Samsung S8. I spent around a month reading and watching reviews comparing the two phones so, I thought I’d share an informal non-techy comparison if any of you are also stuck between the two. And, if you want the pros and cons of both in simple language rather than long-winded full of jargon paragraphs.

I do now own the iPhone 8 and my boyfriend has the Samsung S8 plus so there might be some things you want to fact check depending on if you’re interested in the pluses or not. As I said, I’m a longtime iPhone user so this might be more helpful if you are too as we will see things from the same viewpoint but hopefully it will help either way.

*If the iPhone X was within my price range, I’d have gone for it*

iPhone Pros

Better the Devil you know?

One of the main things that stopped me moving to Android was whether I’d regret it. I knew that I liked and was happy using an iPhone as I’d had one for years but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about an Android after 6 months let alone the 24 months.

Camera Quality 

The camera quality is really good on the iPhone 8. I don’t think there’s much difference between the two phone cameras but the iPhone does win in low light situations.

Live photo features 

I don’t care too much about this feature but if you like a good old Boomerang, you can do that with the Live photo effects rather than using external apps.


The lack of headphone port gives more speaker room on the iPhone and it is definitely louder in comparison to the S8.

Battery life

I’d had my 6S for two years and the battery life wasn’t awful but it wasn’t as good as it was at the beginning of course. I love having a new phone in general because the battery life is on top form but the improvements in this phone are noticeable. I feel as though I barely charge it.

Fingerprint recognition

In comparison to the S8 (more below), I am glad the iPhone fingerprint scanner is still on the front of the phone.

Faster than Samsung

Overall the iPhone is faster than the S8. I have found IOS 11 still has a few glitches and that is annoying but I’ve found that the phone itself moves faster than the Samsung.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is something I’m not exactly buzzing about. It’s really quite expensive and I think wireless charging limits you using your phone whilst it’s charging. I do however see why this is an impressive technical feature.

True Tone Display

The first new feature I noticed on the 8 and I love. True tone display changes the colours shown on screen dependent on the lighting you’re in. I like it.

iPhone Cons

Camera comparison to 8 Plus

I’m a photography lover and find it really irritating that the iPhone 8 has a single camera while the 8 Plus has a dual camera lens and therefore more camera features in Portrait mode. I prefer having a smaller phone but would still like the same camera features that a bigger phone has.


Overall, the iPhones appearance is dated. The iPhone X is the first iPhone to have a different look in a long time and then it’s ridiculously expensive. The Samsung S8 wins on the appearance by a landslide.

IOS 11 glitches

I briefly mentioned this above, but I had some IOS 11 glitches with my 6S and I’m having the same with the 8. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s frustrating. I was mid sending an email the other day and the app just crashed and closed and it didn’t even save a bloody draft. So irritating. It doesn’t happen often but it’s still annoying.

Lack of headphone jack 

It’s very rare for me that I actually use headphones with my phone and if I use my phone for music in my car, I use the USB so this doesn’t really bother me BUT I do see why this could be annoying for some people so I had to feature it in the cons list. The phone itself does come with a converter but I’m not sure if everybody would want to carry that around with them all the time?

Glass Back

Aesthetically, the glass back is a winner. I did like the glass on the iPhone 4 and it does look nice. My reasoning for putting this feature in the cons list is firstly I always have a case on my phone so it doesn’t necessarily matter to me. Secondly, I am particularly clumsy when it comes to dropping phones but I must have a guardian angel because I’m yet to smash a screen. Glass back though… more fragile and a bit more concerning.

*side note* The space grey on the iPhone 8 is a really nice dark grey. 

iPhone 8 vs. Samsung S8

Samsung S8 Pros

More attractive phone

It can’t be disputed that the Samsung is a more attractive looking phone than the iPhone 8. The screen is so impressive. It’s edge to edge and when looking at the two phones, it does make Apple look like it is years behind in design.

Ahead in the game

Apple is only just adding features that Androids have had for a few years now. If your only concern is having the most advanced phone, the S8 is for you.


There are more features on the S8 that can be changed in comparison to an iPhone. There’s more room for changing/playing around with setting and features on an Android in general.

Camera quality/features

The camera quality is really good and if you’re a fan of filters though, the S8 has different animal face filters.

Increase memory

The S8 has the option to increase the phones memory with a micro SD.

Facial recognition

The facial recognition of the Samsung S8 is a nice quick way to unlock your phone. The fingerprint scanner can be a bit annoying (more below) so the facial recognition or the iris scanner it has is a good quick alternative.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is something I’m not exactly buzzing about. It’s really quite expensive and while I understand it, I just think wireless charging limits your phone usage. However, I do of course see why this is an impressive feature. I just don’t feel that it’s for me at the moment. Yeah, I copy and pasted this from above.

Samsung S8 Cons

Front Camera

There is nothing wrong with the quality of the front camera but I do find the iPhone front camera to be a bit more flattering. For me, the Samsung front camera makes me look wider than my iPhone does and let’s face it, it’s probably more accurate but I prefer the iPhone 8 for selfies. The S8 does have the feature to slim your face but I’ve always found with Samsung phones that when you adjust features on the front camera, it can sometimes look overedited.


I’ve noticed that the S8 freezes a fair bit. It only freezes for a split second so it doesn’t really disrupt any phone activity but it is noticeable. I’ve noticed it most when I’m playing Candy Crush on my boyfriend’s phone – I know I need a life – but it does freeze a fair bit on there.

Home Screen Notifications

Something I find really annoying about the S8 is that you can’t see full notifications on the home screen. It tells you where your notification is from within a small circle but, you can’t read your notifications with your phone locked. For me, this is really annoying because I tend to reply dependent on the urgency of the notification and how busy I am so it would be quite annoying to have to unlock my phone to read an irrelevant spam message/email. However, if you’re incredibly private with things like this, you’ll love it.

Message Previews 

Following on from that, I’ve found it annoying that the S8 doesn’t have the 3D touch feature where you can cheekily read a message without opening it like you can on iPhone.


In terms of repair, it would be more expensive to repair the S8 as there’s so much screen and curved edges.

Whatsapp Photo Saving

I’m not a fan of photos saving to camera roll on Whatsapp so it’s something I turn off. This is something you can’t do on the S8 without downloading a separate app (as far as I’m aware). First world problem I know but definitely a con for me.

Fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner is on the back of the phone next to the camera. It’s slightly irritating that you can’t unlock your phone with your finger if it’s laying flat. The fingerprint can also then smudge the camera.


This is an uneducated con if I’m honest because neither me or my boyfriend have used the Bixby feature on his phone but I just find it bloody annoying. The left-hand side of the phone features the volume up/down and then just underneath there’s a button that opens Bixby. I accidentally press this a fair amount of time and it just winds me up.


A simple statement, Samsung emojis are ugly.

There you have my pros and cons of each phone. If you are torn between the two, then hopefully this helped somewhat.

I did feel more excited at the idea of getting the Samsung S8 because it would be completely new and I love setting up phones.  Whereas even after selecting the Set up as new iPhone option, it basically looks exactly the same as my 6S.

I was leaning to getting the iPhone 7 over the 8 as I didn’t think the differences were drastic enough to justify paying more but I ended up with the iPhone 8 as the man on the phone offered a decent deal and everybody likes a new phone. 

Let me know your thoughts on the phones and let me know if there’s any information I have wrong.