Kinder Bueno, Dairy Milk & Milky Bar Cake

I have a love for baking. I just really really enjoy it and I have an Instagram page for my bakes so it made sense for me to start posting them on here too. I’m not amazing at it by no stretch of the imagination, I mean I’m not professional but I am pretty happy with my bakes most of the time. And the ones that end up bad, I’ll just continue pretending they never happened.Kinder Bueno, Dairy Milk & Milky Bar Cake

I made this cake for my brother’s birthday. He asked for a sponge cake with a white chocolate topping. It’d make more sense to have a fully chocolate cake but he wanted sponge so it wasn’t too heavy on the chocolate front.

I used this recipe for the cake from Jane’s Patisserie (amazing baking blogger). The only difference being that I used caster sugar rather than light brown sugar. I did want to use light brown sugar because I prefer the way it tastes but I went to the shops late at night and Asda was battered.

The icing is white chocolate flavoured buttercream (300g butter, 600g icing sugar, 150g melted white chocolate). The drip is a bar of dark chocolate melted with a little bit of oil. I then used a Wilton 1M tip to create swirls on the edges of the cake with the remaining icing and added Maltesers, Kinder Buenos, Dairy Milk giant buttons, Milkybar buttons & wafer curls.

Lastly, I sprayed it with my trusty gold glitter spray which makes everything look 10x better!

Kinder Bueno, Dairy Milk & Milky Bar Birthday Cake

I’m somebody who strives for perfection so I am slightly annoyed with the dodgy drip at the front of the cake and why oh why did I not notice it until after I’d decorated it? I could’ve done the cheeky turn around so the front of the cake was fully presentable. Ah well.

That’s all for my first cake post. I might backtrack and post some others as well as the ones I do in the future.

Talk soon


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