11 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self

Despite all the pretty typography posts telling me to look ahead and not behind, unfortunately, I’m very much the type of person who reflects… a lot. Hindsight is the best but worst thing and there’s plenty I wish I could go back and tell myself. Lessons learned and all…

1. Education is Key – To be fair, I’ve always known the importance of education, my problem is that I like to put all my eggs in one basket. In reflection, I wish that when it came to my A levels, I studied a broader range of subjects so it opened the door to a variety of career paths. A lesson in life, if you aren’t 1000000% sure what your future career is, study a range, otherwise, you’ll be very limited.

2. Be Certain – Following on from that, I’d tell myself to be certain about the things I do or don’t do them. I’ve wasted so much time making the wrong decisions and looking back, I knew I wasn’t 100% sure at the time so I shouldn’t have allowed myself to progress with some decisions but I did.

3. Exercise – why oh why am I not one of those people who has always been in to exercise? If I could speak to younger me, I’d tell her to get her ass to the gym and maintain it as a hobby – I could definitely benefit from that now.

4. Don’t Stop Reading – I’ have rekindled my love for reading over the last couple of years but I do wish I never fell out of love with it. You know when you get older and there are many more cool things to be doing than reading? Well, actually… I love reading and just wish I didn’t ever stop.

5. Speak Up Girl – I’ve always been outspoken for what I believe in but, if I could go back in time, I’d be more outspoken for other people. There have been so many things I’ve let slide and wish I didn’t.

6. Be Kind – I’d 10000% tell younger me to be kind to everybody. As you get older, you begin to understand life more and how everybody is going through something. I don’t think early teenager me considered this and I was probably not so nice to some people who didn’t deserve it.

7. Have fun – I definitely didn’t have the most fun during my teenage years and I’d love to go back and shake myself. I’d tell myself to say yes to everything – within reason of course – and just make as many memories as possible.

8. Start Accepting You – I would love to tell 13 year old me to start the journey to self-acceptance because 22 year old me still hasn’t started this journey and it’s awfulll.

9. Popularity doesn’t matter – While I never cared about being popular, I did stupidly care about being out of the in crowd. I shake my head at myself now, because it did and does not matter & I’d actually like to have gone back and been fully out of the in-crowd.

10. Be Mindful With Money – I don’t think I’m bad with money, but I definitely could’ve been better with it over the years. To be honest, I could be better with it now. I’m that person who has £3 supermarket spends pop up on my bank statement all the time because I’m buying things I don’t need. This should never have become a thing.

11. Look after your eyes – I love my glasses but I’d spend so much time staring at a computer or laptop screen whilst my room was dark – why did I not consider that this would be bad for my eyes?

This is the kind of post I could probably add points to on a yearly basis. Actually, a daily basis. As I said, hindsight is the most amazing thing.

What would you tell younger you?