23 Things On My Christmas Wishlist This Year

I hate people who drop hints yet here I am, basically hinting.

I’m basic in the sense that I’m really easy to buy for and to be honest, a card with a cute message makes me happier than any present ever could. I would, however, be blatantly lying if I said I’d be ecstatic to receive just cards on Christmas day while everybody else sits around opening gifts.

I have really struggled this year to answer the What do you want for Christmas question so, I decided to sit down and think about all the things I’d buy for myself right now if I could. I could’ve been far-fetched and said a house, a holiday, but don’t worry guys I’ve gone much cheaper and included a £280 stand mixer instead!

So, if you’re one of the few people who buy for me (thanks! You don’t have to & I’d be happy with pyjamas, honestly), hopefully, this might give you some ideas. *ahem* Niall. Excuse me.

And if you too are stuck with things to answer when pestered for what you want, I may just give you some ideas.

1. Pink Cardigan I love the colour, the shape and the cosiness of this cardigan.

2. Spotted Bedding – OK so, H&M don’t seem to sell this bed set in double anymore but I want it so bad. I don’t need another bedding set at all but it’s cute. I’m going to keep looking and hoping it returns in double.

3. Star Print Pyjamas – Ask anybody, I always have to stop and look at the pyjama section in shops and I have a thing for stars, if you couldn’t already tell, so this pair from Next are a necessity for my pyjama drawer.

4. Nike Air Presto Essential – I don’t think the image of these trainers do them justice but I really want these. I’m in dire need of a new pair of trainers and after trying these on the other day, they’re comfortable to wear.

5. Gold Standing Frame – Nice simple but pretty frame.

6. Lush Sleepy & Lush Twilight – I’ve recently been told about the Sleepy lotion in Lush and have since seen all the amazing reviews it has. I’ve also since heard about the Twilight spray and I need to try both of these. My sleep pattern is awful at the moment and I need all the help I can get.

7. Chip Mug – I’ve wanted this mug from Primark ever since they were first released but they sold out so quickly. I went to my local Primark the other day and noticed they actually had some in stock so Niall picked me up one for Christmas and I am buzzing. I don’t drink much hot drinks but it’s more of a childhood keepsake. If you’ve been waiting for one of these, try Primark again.

8. Pink Knit – I clearly have a thing for pink knits.I really love the shape of this jumper from H&M. It looks relaxed but still pretty and I love balloon sleeves.

9. Ugg Slippers – I’ve heard so many amazing things about Ugg slippers and I just want that snugness on my feet. Simple as that.

10. Floral Dress – I love wearing dresses but I find them quite difficult to buy as a lot of the ones I like aren’t in the Tall section and if I bought them from the general range, that would be risky business. I do really love this Tall Topshop dress.

11. Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette – I tend to prefer warm eyeshadow looks on myself so have wanted this palette since its release.

12.Stand Mixer – I’ve shared a Kitchen Aid but at £280, I’m having a laugh. I would like a stand mixer in general though. I bake a fair amount and I currently use either a wooden spoon or a hand mixer and although they work well, I’ve wanted a stand mixer for a little while.

13. Grey Culottes – Love these.

14. Weekly diary – 2018 will be the year of organisation for me. I will become one of those people who pull out their diary to check what they’re doing before committing to anything. Now I’ve said that I’m going to feel like an absolute idiot whenever I do it.

The diary I’ve shared is the kikki.K B6 Weekly 2018 Diary at John Lewis and very unhelpfully, it’s sold out at the time of me writing this. It is the style of diary I would choose though, I like to have the week on a double page because although I’ve made it sound like my life warrants a diary, in reality, I don’t do much.

15. Jaguar Lock Bag – This is a pretty out there bag for me as I tend to stick to my plain colours. I did fall in love with it as soon as I saw it though and it’s the ideal size for me as I don’t carry much with me day to day.

16. Star Earrings – Simple but cute.

17. Marc Jacobs Decadence Perfume – Another thing I’ve wanted since it was first released but forget about. Decadence smells so good and even if it didn’t, the bottle alone needs to be on my perfume shelf.

18. Foundation – I haven’t tagged a certain foundation because I don’t know which one I do want or which will be the best for me. I don’t own a foundation that is my colour at the moment and I desperately want to cover all the spots that have decided to pitch on my cheeks. I will need to be colour matched etc though, so maybe it’s something I’ll treat myself to in the sales.

19. Electric Toothbrush – Everybody needs sparkly whites.

20. Space Bag – Cute.

21. Beats Wireless Headphones

I realised how much I wanted wireless headphones earlier this year when the gym became part of my lifestyle for a little while. Needless to say, I’m unfortunately not on that vibe anymore and I am going to be a cliche and say that I intend to get back on the fitness bandwagon in the new year. So, the need for wireless headphones has returned.

22. Gold Stars Bracelet – Surprise surprise, another item of jewellery featuring stars.

23. Rayban Sunglasses

Probably not what you’d expect featuring on a Christmas list but I really want to own a decent pair of sunglasses. Not necessarily Raybans, they’re just the first brand that came to mind when writing this post. I’m not typically an I-need-it-branded kinda girl, but I would like a nice pair that I can own for a long time and wear all year round.

There we have the things I’d buy if I could and most things have been on my wishlist for months now. I never get round to buying things. Thoughtful and sentimental presents 100% come above anything I have posted though.

Talk soon