23 Reasons Christmas Is The Best Time Of The Year

Christmas day is fast approaching and I for one am all for it. It’s genuinely my favourite time and I’m going to reflect on all the reasons why Christmas is the absolute best time of the year.

1. The pure excitement from children on Christmas Eve and during the walk down the stairs in the morning.

2. All the family pretending to find the cracker jokes funny because everything’s happy at Christmas.

3. Buying somebody the most perfect present that you know they’ll love and fighting the temptation to give it to them early.

4. Receiving the items on your Christmas list that you were supposed to buy throughout the year but never got round to and loving everybody more because it proves they do listen to you.

5. It’s acceptable to eat and drink as much as you want and nobody will judge you because, as of January 1st, New year, new you and all that.

6. Elf, Jack Frost, The Holiday… basically every Christmas film that exists no matter how corny.

7. Despite doing it all year round, it’s deemed acceptable to wear your pyjamas from 4 pm in the afternoon because it’s dark and basically night time anyway.

8. Having the dinner you’ve waited all year for. Roast dinner with all the trimmings, all the dessert, and all the snacks.

9. The way everybody sings along to Christmas songs and does a slight shuffle whether they like them or not.

10. Shopping centres being decorated oh so pretty.

11. Driving slowly past the houses of those who don’t mind a sky-high electricity bill to admire their lights and telling yourself you’ll make that much effort next year when you’re rich.

12. Forgetting that you’re an adult for a little while. One mince pie for Santa oh, and one for me.

13. Fairy lights. There’s no more to be said.

14. Feeling on top of the world when you win a board game but still being bitter and blaming others for cheating when you lose.

15. Lighting all the candles on a daily basis but still being surprised when you walk into a room and it smells like Candy canes as if the elves themselves (try saying that) have left the smell.

16. Christmas cups and the Christmas drinks. Who cares that a normal hot chocolate is half the calories and the price?

17. Staring out at the lampost every 5 minutes to see if the weather was right in predicting snow.

18. All your favourite TV shows coming back for Christmas specials.

19. Being able to go out without doing your hair as the bobble hat and scarf combination hides it all.

20. Watching all the TV soaps for the first time in a while and annoying your Mum by asking what’s going on every 5 minutes.

21. All the sales that come before and most importantly, after the 25th to spend all your money/gift cards on.

22. The arrangements that pop up with your friends.

23. Chilling on the sofa at the end of an amazing day, feeling sick from food, tired from the early morning but so appreciative of all the incredible people you get to call your family and friends.

What makes you love Christmas?