What I Got For Christmas 2017

Here’s to the annual What I Got For Christmas post. I love these posts, both to create and to read because 1) I’m a nosey cow and 2) they give me ideas of things I can add to my wishlists or gift ideas for others throughout the year.

I did very well this year again. My 23 items blog post was a very good idea because I now own many things I’ve wanted to buy myself for a little while and simply haven’t got round to. This also means that I had double of some presents (yay) because a few people looked at the blog post and got ideas from it.

What I Got For Christmas 2017 | Lush Sleepy & Lush Twilight

Hopefully, 2018 will be the year of me getting decent sleep with this lot. I have a pot of Sleepy body lotion from my Aunty, a pot from Niall, Twilight spray from Niall & a Twilight spray from my brother.

What I Got For Christmas 2017 | French Bulldog Clothes & PyjamasNow for the French Bulldog overload, courtesy of my Mum. Frenchie onesie, Frenchie T-Shirt & the best Frenchie pyjamas.

What I Got For Christmas 2017 | Stand Mixer, Baking AccessoriesI finally have a stand mixer! Thanks Niall :). Then the Hummingbird cookbook from Niall’s Mum & two sets of cake tins to make both rainbow cakes and a 2 tiered cake. I can’t wait for 2018 baking experiments.

What I Got For Christmas 2017 | Dressing Gown, Pyjamas, Fluffy SocksA new Dressing gown from my Mumma in grey, of course. Giraffe pyjamas from Mum, cosy pyjamas from a friend & a few pairs of my favourites: fluffy socks from Mum, Niall and Niall’s Mum.

What I Got For Christmas 2017 | Kinder Happy HippoI think receiving Kinder Happy Hippo shelf-ready gifting two years in a row makes it a new tradition, doesn’t it? Although I wouldn’t mind an overload of Dairy Milk Giant buttons or Terry’s chocolate orange either next year Niall…  I am now the proud owner of 50 Happy Hippos and I am currently 4 down, 46 to go. My intentions are for them to be my daily treat when I start my New year diet, but we’ll see if I actually do that or just devour them all tomorrow before the New me lifestyle kicks in.

Last year it was the individual bars and this year, whole boxes.

What I Got For Christmas 2017 Beauty & The Beast shoe liners and hair wraps from Mum. Perfume and mug set from my friend Jade and her family & a Lynx set from Jade’s Mum, Serena.

What I Got For Christmas 2017 | Yankee Candle & Trigg DiaryA very large Yankee Candle in one of my favourite smells from my brother & a Yankee candle from Jade. Nail varnishes from Niall’s Nan and then, the most amazing diary from Niall. It’s your general annual diary but it has so much in their for productivity and mindfulness that I’m dubbing it my life saviour for 2018. If you’re looking for a diary and generally could do with sorting your life out, go look at Trigg. It won best diary for this year and I can see why.

What I Got For Christmas 2017 | Marc Jacobs Decadence & Ted BakerA Ted Baker stocking gift from a family friend – cutest little set and lovely colour.

I’ve wanted the Marc Jacobs – Decadence perfume since it was first released and just haven’t got round to buying it. But then, like they say about buses, two came my way at once. One from Mum and one from Niall. I love the smell and the packaging so, so much. A new favourite I think.

What I Got For Christmas 2017 | The Body Shop & MugsThe Body Shop shower gel and 3 body butters from Mum. The best Frenchie mug from Laura & the Chip mug from Niall. I’ve wanted the Chip mug for so long but now that I have it, I don’t really know what to do with it. 25% of me wants to use it, 25% of me is scared I’ll break it, 25% of me wants to keep it in the box but the other 25% hates it in the box and wants it out. As of this moment, it’s sitting on top of my wardrobe. We’ll see where it goes.

What I Got For Christmas 2017 | Earrings Finally, some cute mismatch hugs and kisses earrings from Niall.

That’s my 2017 Christmas presents that I’m so grateful for and sadly, that’s Christmas (almost) done for another year. I’ve had the best time over the festive period but strangely, it didn’t feel like Christmas was coming until December 23rd. I think it’s down to me being abroad in early December and not doing many Christmassy things throughout this month.

I do hope you’re having the best time and continue the celebrations all the way til the 2nd of January. Not the first because that’s a chill day & that means we’re allowed to continue eating. It’s a bank holiday after all.