My Good, Bad & Ugly Of 2017

2017 is almost over and coming from somebody who didn’t think they’d live past 16 (don’t ask), this was the year I turned 22. Whilst this is a reason to celebrate, the year of 2017 generally hasn’t been a good one for me & despite having good moments, I’d go as far as saying it has been my worst year yet. I am very much a reflective person though & I love reminiscing so I’m going to share the good and bad of this year as well as my favourite photos but, that wouldn’t make a very good post title so I’ve settled for My Good, Bad & Ugly Of 2017.

My Good, Bad & Ugly Of 2017 | Favourite Photos

In  March I went to my friend from school, Katie’s 21st birthday party. I haven’t seen the school lot for a really long time so it was nice to see everybody. We planned to meet up again but unsurprisingly (we’re that type of group) we haven’t yet. 2018 guys?

I shouldn’t laugh, but early on in the year, Cordell was holding Lokko’s lead and Lokko decided to take him for a walk instead. Cordell fell face first into a lot of mud and this photo is absolutely hilarious.

Me and two of my closest friends, Megan & Laura actually ventured out of Bristol. We spent some time in Plymouth at Laura’s student house, a weekend in Brighton for Laura’s 21st & a weekend away for my 22nd birthday.  I also had a really nice chocolate Oreo cake.

Me & Niall celebrated our 4 year anniversary in Cardiff. We stayed in a hotel overnight, went out for food and drinks & it was just overall really nice. The photo of us is really not the greatest and I even think it might have been taken last year New Years. So technically not 2017, but it’s the best I can find as we rarely take photos together.

The photo of me sat in the chair is probably the happiest I’ve felt within myself for this year. I had lost a fair amount of weight in a short space of time doing Slimming World. I could see my cheekbones again(!)


I’ve gained an animal best friend: my dog Lokko. We’ve had him since November last year but I feel like we have such a good bond now. Is it sad to gush about your relationship with your dog? Maybe, but I literally adore him and he can genuinely make me so happy.

I travelled abroad after not leaving the UK since my 2014 family holiday to Tunisia. I’m not a huge fan of flying but this holiday included 6 flights that weren’t too bad and many pretty sights of the clouds and sunrise. The cruise itself was so good. The ocean views were so pretty and relaxing.

I visited America and DisneyWorld! These are two things that were on my bucket list so I’m glad I can cross them off.

My shy little sister took on the role of a shepherd last minute in her Christmas performance. Me and my Mum sat there feeling so proud of her!

We spent a nice day at my friend Jade’s house exchanging Christmas presents. We were treated to a performance of Man’s Not Hot from Jakiydah & Jamarie (Instagram). Cordell hasn’t stopped singing it since.

Most recently, my brother bred his dog Prin with Lokko and the puppies arrived this month. They’re the cutest little things.

Music is a love of mine and I think this year has been so good in terms of albums. Grime artists have smashed it this year, Ed Sheeran came back. I just feel like I have so many music favourites from this year.

I’ve fully embraced baking this year. I have always baked, but it’s only been in 2017 that I’ve baked with the purpose of making it look pretty rather than baking something for me to eat later on. See my most recent unicorn cake here.

On to the negatives…

My mental health has been pretty shocking at times – most notably the second half of the year and my working life has been awful.

I think I have eaten enough to allow my body to survive all of January. Diet is well and truly needed.

I have really cemented that sometimes blood means absolutely nothing when it comes to family and some members of my ‘family’ are not worth my time. It’s a shame but I’m glad that the family I do have are amazing.

It’s been an awful year for the world. Terror and Trump. Any devastating news alert that pops up on my phone is exactly that, devastating and it has been so much worse this year. I just don’t understand the way some people think to do such awful things and it’s sad we live in the world we do.

Closer to home, the election result was awful and everything that has happened since has proved that. Old people voted on our future. Great one.

I wasn’t snap happy again this year and I’m annoyed about this. I don’t have that many photos from the beginning of the year unfortunately.

That’s it for my 2017. It has been my worst year, but writing this post made me realise that there have been many amazing moments too.  Now for 2018! I’ll share my plans for 2018 in my next post but for tonight, I hope you all have amazing New Year’s Celebrations.