My Name’s Kaiesha & I’m A Dog Lover… Now.

“My name’s Kaiesha & I’m a dog lover” was the sarcy comment I was met with from Niall when I showed him a video of a dog jumping up on a sofa and falling between. You know the one. And he’s right. Putting me in a situation where I’d be near a dog 18 months ago would’ve been met with “keep it far away” or “don’t let it jump up at me”. Niall himself has had me standing behind him in fear of his family dog, and now I’m on my way to being best friends with said dog. I’m pushing it a little…

I'm A Dog Lover Now I'm A Dog Lover Now

If you’re one of the people who gushed about or showed me a picture/video of their dog prior late 2016, unless it was a puppy, I was probably pretty bored. Sorry. I’d maybe respond with a general “aww”, but inside my thought process was “when will this video be over?” It just didn’t interest me to see pictures of a family dog growing up or a general video of them. But now, I’m a changed woman and Niall’s right, I’m on my way to becoming a dog lover.

I can’t wait to show Niall the latest cute or funny picture/video I’ve taken and if anybody brings up dogs, I can’t wait to get my phone out. I recorded a funny video the other day of my dog Lokko scared to leave my bedroom because of a Frenchie mug by the door. This was hilarious to me, and I couldn’t wait to share it with people around me. But, I do still have an awareness that some people will have the same attitude I used to have so I won’t be like it with every Tom, Dick & Harry as I still have that attitude about cats. Sorry, not sorry.

My brother is the reason behind my new-found love. He got his puppy Prin back in August 2016 and as soon as we saw her little face, my whole family and I were in love. Prin led to another new addition, Lilo. She led to our pup, Lokko and then came along 8 adorable little pups and we all fell in love all over again. Prin was the smallest when she first came to the family but newborn puppy size is a whole ‘nother story. They’re tiny, adorable & I literally can’t wait for a couple weeks’ time when they’re up on their feet and running around.

I'm A Dog Lover Now I'm A Dog Lover Now

Our dog, Lokko has made me totally understand having love for a dog. I love my little floppy ears more than I can explain. Don’t get me wrong, I can get so mad at him, but he also makes me laugh & has the ability to make me so incredibly happy. I love how he’s sometimes my little shadow following me around the house. I love how he lies at the end of my bed then as soon as I leave he’s curled up by my pillows. And I love the way he greets me when I walk through the front door.

While reading this post, your thought process is probably along the lines of omg she’s gushing about her dog, how sad. And yes, if that makes me sad, I am sad.

I'm A Dog Lover Now  I'm A Dog Lover Now

I’m sure all you dog owners know how friendly fellow dog walkers can be and it’s great to not squirm when they walk past me nowadays. I’m not quite at the stage of approaching random people in the street to stroke their dog but it has become an everyday occurrence to have dogs around me. If they’re cute/calm I will put on my little dog voice and stroke them but I’m still very wary of dogs being yappy/vicious. I still don’t have time for that.

So that’s that, 2018 me is a dog lover and proud.

  • Aww, they’re beautiful! I absolutely adore dogs and I love anything puppy-related. Although, before we had our three fur babies (and two cats!) I was quite wary of dogs, too. Particularly larger dogs. I still am, but not to the same extent. And it’s not sad, haha! 😀

    Alicia |

    • kaiesha stewart

      Yeah I’m definitely still wary but I’m more nervous around cats than dogs these days haha.

  • I am the biggest dog lover EVER!!
    Such a cute pup!

  • Same! I was always afraid of dogs but when my friends started to ALL have them I actually started enjoying them a lot 🙂
    xx, Theresa

    • kaiesha stewart

      It helps so much when you’re around them a lot and you naturally get more comfortable! Xx

  • Annaliese

    How CUTE!!! I have actually never had a pet dog but I do love dogs and enjoy loving on my friends’ pets!

    xoxo A

    • kaiesha stewart

      You should consider getting one! They’re so loveable! x

  • Those pictures are absolutely adorable! I have always been around dogs and loved them, I’m glad you’re more comfortable now!

    • kaiesha stewart

      Me too! It used to be so embarrassing when I was scared ha x

  • So precious! I have the biggest heart for dogs, I’m an overly-obsessed dog mom & dog enthusiast!

    • kaiesha stewart

      I think I’m on my way to being like you haha

  • ahh i love dogs! my dog is can be a barker with strangers on the street especially, but it’s actually because he is an empath and goes on sensory overload from all the stimuli outside and if someone is having a bad day or has any sort of disability or handicap he barks A LOT. What I’m most surprised about is how many people take his barking as an invitation to continue to move forward and into his space #SMH

    • kaiesha stewart

      aw that’s really cute! I’m not too sure either why people would bring dogs closer. If that was me, I’d be pulling my dog away as quickly as I can. X

  • Aww you’ve got puppiesss!! It must be pure joy!

    • kaiesha stewart

      It’s absolutely amazing!

  • They’re SO cute!! I always lovelovelove pictures of cute animals!

    • kaiesha stewart

      Me too, I’ve had to dedicate a Pinterest board to dogs now haha. x

  • Puppies can turn me to total mush! I totally understand the love for your pup.

  • Silvia

    They are way to adorable! I’m a huge dog lover so yay for joining the party!

  • Aww, I LOVE dogs! They’re soo cute! The best part about dogs is that generally, they just want to be loved and they want to love you!

    • kaiesha stewart

      I agree, they’re so loving!

  • Dog lovers unite! I’m legit obsessed with my pup — I even make her food!

    • kaiesha stewart

      I think I’m obsessed with mine too haha. He makes me so happy!

  • adriana

    The cutest ever!!! I love those pictures! I don’t have a pup (yet) but hoping too soon-ish!

    • kaiesha stewart

      Get one! They’re the best thing ever

  • Your dog is so cute!

  • I would say I like the idea of dogs but I don’t actually like dogs. I like other people’s dogs, but I don’t want one of my own!

    • kaiesha stewart

      I used to be the exact same as this. I never, ever thought I would own a dog!