I Love Filters, But I Can’t Take A Selfie Without One

First world problem guys, I cannot take a selfie without a filter on. Well, I can but best believe it will be in the deleted folder within a second or I will only like it after almost editing myself non-recognisable. I’m all for filters & the fun they bring and if Snapchat didn’t introduce them way back when, I probably wouldn’t have many photos alone or with others to look back on during the last two years. But at the same time, they’ve made me have unrealistic expectations of my face.

I Can't Take A Selfie Without A Filter

I’ve taken selfies for as long as it’s been a craze, back on the grainy webcams while doing some questionable finger on my lip posing, to the self-timer days and now, easy peasy on my phone’s front camera. It’s not a case of loving myself, far from it believe me, but we all take photos, right? Whether we’re dressed for a night out, or just chilling at home, a photo can make you feel good about yourself but now, it’s making me feel OK with a false representation.

A filter can make me go from 0 – 6 real quick and it can also take me crashing down to the minuses when I move, and the filter comes off. My face is no longer slim, no longer airbrushed and no longer with perfect eyelashes and freckles. It’s the same reaction as when you don’t realise you have the front camera on and oh, hello double chin(s).

I suppose that it is just another way of editing and we all know editing is absolutely everywhere. We all do it. And I suppose the positive of Snapchat/Instagram filters is that unlike mainstream media, nobody is going to aspire to be somebody with hearts for eyes the same way they’d aspire to be a supermodel on the front of a magazine. So, I know it is all light-hearted fun and games that all ages can enjoy.

I Can't Take A Selfie Without A Filter

When I was younger I would edit my photos on PicMonkey (I think that’s what it was called). I would airbrush my skin, and any auto thin button would always be pressed. Before I fell in love with Snapchat filters, I would often change the lighting in my photos and then add a filter on Instagram or any other photo editing app. Now, the Snapchat filters pretty much do it all for me. I only use Camera Raw, Photoshop & Lightroom to edit my blog photos, so it’s the same way it always has been; me but better plus the added dog ears and nose.

I am such a sentimental person though, that I don’t want to be 40 years old, looking back on photos from this time of my life, and they all have added glasses or stars floating around my head. Of course, I don’t mind the odd photo, but literally, I’m talking every photo of me, whether alone or with somebody else, must include a Snapchat filter or I’m not going to like it. But again, this probably comes down to my appearance insecurities.

For now, I guess I will continue to take any or all of my selfies with filters – I’m aware that I’m making it sound as though I’m snapping my face constantly, I’m really not one of those people, and it’s usually pictures of me and my siblings – but the aim of 2018 for me is self-love. If you didn’t know, I’ve banged on about it enough. And a major way of me practicing self-love will be through learning to love and accept my appearance how it is now and hopefully while it changes and I get healthier/happier with it. So maybe, we’ll see some non-filter photos of me in the near future ~ like the one you can see to the right of this post. But for now, enjoy my face with circular specs and the freckles I wish were real. Oh, and a baker boy hat that I finally bought but will I ever wear outdoors? Probably not because I’m a self-conscious person who can’t possibly wear something out of the ordinary because everybody will be staring(!!)

I’d love to hear what you think about this. Do you rely on filters or editing of some kind so that your face is what you would deem Instagram acceptable? Or are you comfortable with yourself to switch it up and do both?

  • huda

    I totally agree! I was just thinking the other day how used to I’ve become to the Snapchat filters that taking pics without them just doesn’t do it for me! I definitely think that although it’s something light and fun the younger generation could easily get used to it and avoid taking all natural pictures! xx

    • Kaiesha Stewart

      100%. They are so fun, I love them really it’s just a shame they’re adding to the negative self image some have. X

  • Dee

    I rarely take selfies so probably can’t really relate 🙂

    • Kaiesha Stewart

      I rarely take any alone either but I take so many with my little siblings. It’s just a shame they all have dog ears ha

  • Haha, it is the struggle for real! I know what you mean though, definitely don’t wanna be showing the grandchildren pictures of me in my 20’s with cartoon lips and stars everywhere! I need to stop this habit too! x

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five

    • Kaiesha Stewart

      It’s difficult though isn’t it because they’re so easy to use and when they make you look better, it’s difficult not to! X

  • Haha this post is so relatable! Back in the day I used to take selfies without a filter all the time. Nowadays I can’t seem to “work” a selfie without a filter. My favourite Snapchat filter definitely is the one you used last in the last photo. I always get a bit of a fright if I see myself on my frontcamera without that filter!

    • Kaiesha Stewart

      I love that one too! My thought process is, I’d rather intentionally look funny with a filter haha. X