17 Struggles Of An Overthinker

Sometimes, our brains don’t want to switch off and are always in overdrive. This means overthinking is a bane of so many peoples lives. For me, overthinking is closely linked to my anxiety and my general worrying about anything and everything. If this all sounds familiar to you, below are 17 struggles of an overthinker that you might also relate to.

15 Struggles of an overthinker | Pause book by Danielle Merchant

  1. Living in the past and future just as intensely as the present. Silly memories from years ago still affect us as if they happened yesterday. And we live in a constant state of how can we live for now when everything we say or do affects our future? We’re basically living in three dimensions at all times.
  2. We don’t feel content. We’re continuously looking to our future so we struggle to feel content with that is happening right now. We’re always focusing on the next thing to do, next thing to focus on and the next thing to conquer.
  3. Worry about absolutely everything. We can lie in bed worrying about a mass fire, that is unlikely to happen, but also what we would do step by step if there were to be a fire. ~My recurrent thought if you didn’t guess.
  4. Sleep is not our friend. We get into bed and EVERYTHING decides to pop up. It’s always either silly scenarios or scenarios that are very unlikely to happen and not worth us thinking about at all.
  5. Sometimes, we miss out on things or struggle to relax when we go. We’ve thought out a plan how an event is going to go before it has happened and because of this, we either don’t go at all or we do go, but struggle to relax.
  6. We speak on behalf of everybody else. We think of an answer or a thought process for everybody before they’ve had the opportunity to actually say anything.
  7. We also interpret things in the most negative way. Even if somebody says the right thing, we’ll interpret it in the most negative way or, hold on to the one negative word rather than the positives. It’s the answer we’d already made up in our heads.
  8. There’s a lot of time spent feeling guilty or apologising. It’s constant thought processes of oh did I say that the wrong way? Are they being off with me because of what I said? Sorry… 
  9. We don’t find it easy to get over the past. Everybody could be laughing at the time we made a fool of ourselves in front of somebody, and while we can understand the humour, it takes a little longer for us to get over it. The embarrassment, awkwardness and everything else is still very raw.
  10. We read pages in a book over because we didn’t quite process it. Despite being engrossed in a book, we are thinking of so many different things that we often have to re-read pages because it just hasn’t registered.
  11. Making decisions is really difficult. How can we decide where to eat when we’ll probably finish eating at one restaurant and think how the meal would’ve been better at the other restaurant. (Very basic example)
  12. We have a lot of tabs open. Mentally and digitally. Our minds are processing a variety of things at any one time and while these thoughts pop up, we google search them and end up with 30 tabs open.
  13.  Lists are our best friend. If isn’t tabs, we’ll be writing lists everywhere so that we don’t forget one of the hundred things we have thought of today
  14. We create our own conspiracy theories. If we hear news or gossip, give us a minute and we will have an explanation for why it happened and a whole story about it.
  15. We take everything personally. They only followed me yesterday and now have unfollowed me today, what did I do? ~ I had to bring it round to social media somehow, so it’s another basic example but whenever anything negative happens, we’re constantly questioning what we did to cause it.
  16. We’re always trying to answer everything. We’re always thinking of something, and something else to conquer so when it’s physically impossible to know an answer, it frustrates us.
  17. We constantly forget things or feel as though we’ve forgotten something. Filling up petrol and we will have forgot our purse. Stay out for the night and forget our toothbrush. We’ll be driving and simultaneously running through a list of everything we should have with us & trying to remember the very moment we put it in our bag.

That’s just 17 of many struggles of an over thinker. Do you recognise any within yourself?


  • Juhita

    I could literally relate to every single one of those problems

    • Kaiesha Stewart

      Frustrating isn’t it! X

  • I love this post. I knew I was an overthinker, I can literally relate to every single one of these struggles. Whenever I need to get petrol I always have to check if I have my purse with me before I actually put it in.

    Laura | styleandsushi.blogspot.com

    • Kaiesha Stewart

      Me too! Even though I’ve probably checked before I’ve left the house. X