9 Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts For Your Other Half

Valentine’s day is 10 days away and you’ll either perceive it as a money-making day or one of the most romantic days of the year. Or maybe you’re a bit like me and you see it as yes, money making but also a day to show your love to your better half and why not? Yes, we should all do it every day but it’s easy to become complacent and there’s no harm in upping the ante on February 14th.

I personally don’t feel like Valentine’s Day should be a day of actual gift giving and by that I mean, not the type of presents you would give for a birthday or at Christmas. It should be treated like an anniversary and be used to show love and spend time together. And in terms of presents, it should be the more thoughtful, maybe DIY or small cringe presents. You know all the cringe men’s boxers? Yes, those ones.

Rather than me doing the usual post of sharing Lush sets, said men’s boxers and basically basic bitch Valentine’s presents, I’ve tried to think of some of the more thoughtful, probably still quite cringe, unisex presents.

9 Thoughtful Valentine's Gift Ideas1. The Night Sky Print – I’ve recently come across these prints and I think they’d make such a lovely Valentine’s gift. If you don’t know, the company print the sky on the night of a specific date; so they’re perfect for Valentine’s, anniversaries, etc. You can also add your own message below it.

The prints from the official website, aren’t cheap ~ £50 ~ so if you want an alternative, Posterhaste do them slightly cheaper.

2. Things I Love About You – There are many different ways you can do this. The most thoughtful and the cutest, (although yes, cringy) in my opinion, is the 52 reasons why I love you, with a pack of cards. It’s a DIY gift, where you write 52 reasons why you love your other half on paper and stick them on to the cards and make it look pretty. You can be as corny or as sarcastic with your reasons as you like. I’d recommend a nice balance so your partner doesn’t reach for the sick bowl.

3. Photo Frame, Collage, Scrapbook – Pictures are one of the most simple but thoughtful presents, and you can take it that bit further with a bit of DIY and make a collage or a scrapbook. It’s something you can get creative with, something you can keep and just a cute present. The frame pictured is £8 from Wilkinsons.

4. Cosy Night In – Less on the present side and more on the making memories (babies… JK) side. There are different ways you can spend a cosy night indoors; a cute candlelit dinner being one and ordering a takeaway being another. To make it that bit more special than any ordinary Friday night, create a cosy den, add fairy lights everywhere, get the snacks in, put on a film, and enjoy the evening. However you wish.

5. Date Ideas –  There’s different gifts with many different date ideas. The one pictured is this one from Amazon. Do I own it? No. So do I know if it’s any good? No. But a date is a date, no matter how cringy. Find one of the many books/tools with date ideas on the internet and spend the day doing the most embarrassing one and then the most romantic one on the evening.

6. Hamper of favourite things – Fill up a basket of both yours and your other halves favourite things. Emphasis on the fact that this shouldn’t be expensive gifts, and more along the lines of chocolate, books, lingerie, food, alcohol… generally things you can chill and enjoy together.

7. The Story Of Us – Another DIY gift that in my opinion, is a beautiful idea. They can be created completely DIY or there are ways of making one online. You simply tell your story through pictures and words and it’ll make the most thoughtful, reminiscent gift that you can keep, and add to forever. ~ Make sure you get dates right because nothing will put a dampener on this gift like having incorrect dates!

8. Promise Jewellery – This might be pushing it if you haven’t been together very long, or if maybe you aren’t exclusive with your Valentine. But, promise jewellery is such a lovely gift. It doesn’t need to be a ring, it can be a bracelet, a necklace, and doesn’t need to be expensive at all. The thought of it being a promise item of jewellery is the cutest thing.

9. Love Treasure Hunt – Think Easter egg hunt but a hunt for love instead… ahhh *sticks fingers down throat*. But no, seriously, you know how Kem did the treasure hunt for Amber on Love Island? If not, google it, nobody can say that wasn’t the cutest thing. Do the same, with cute letters leading up to any of the presents above or something unique. ~ Tip: maybe don’t do this if you’ve decided on a promise ring, a lead up to a ring in a box screams engagement and unless that’s what you’re aiming for, you might get yourself in a sticky situation. ~~ I wouldn’t recommend proposing on Valentine’s however, there’s zero originality.

There you have some thoughtful Valentine’s gift ideas… I think they’re thoughtful anyway. You, on the other hand, may be reading this thinking what a load of rubbish. I am all for a bit of cringe when it comes to relationships though, nothing too intense but there’s no harm in a litttttle bit. Hopefully, I’ve given you some alternative present ideas.

  • Zoë Ware

    Love these ideas! Especially the hamper of favourite things! xx


    • Kaiesha Stewart

      Thankyou, yes the favourite things hamper would be such a lovely gift to receive! x

  • Kaiesha Stewart

    The print would make such a lovely gift! x