11 Things I’ve Recently Watched On Netflix + Opinions

I say recently, but this post has been a saved draft for around 6 months and I’ve just kept adding to it whenever I’ve watched something new, and taken away a few as well to limit it being far too long. I like reading these posts to give me some inspiration of things to watch, so maybe this will give you some too.

Recently Watched Netflix + My Opinion

The Punisher. I LOVED the Punisher. Niall & I are all for anything Marvel and have watched all the Netflix series and films. I do think The Punisher has probably been my favourite out of all of the TV series.

It follows Frank Castle while he chases up who killed his entire family. It’s very violent, at some points I had to turn away and let Niall tell me when it was fine to watch again, but overall, I absolutely loved it and cannot wait for season 2.

Peaky Blinders. We (yes, I mostly watch Netflix with Niall), watched Peaky Blinders after being recommended it by his Mum and we then watched the most recent season on TV weekly. We loved it so much.

It follows a criminal gang in Birmingham after the first world war and I just think it’s an amazing series. Something is always happening, the actors are great, the accents are even greater, and I’m absolutely gutted there’s an entire year before the fifth season.

Stranger Things. Do I need to even say anything about Stranger Things? Probably not, but I’m going to anyway as I was late on the bandwagon and binge-watched both seasons in exactly a week. It’s so, so good and I was gripped from start to finish.

If you’re out of the loop, then it’s about a Mum who loses her son to an alternate dimension and it then follows the journey to get him back. That is the shortest summary but throw in some lovable kids, a Chief and a girl called Eleven who has powers but unfortunately suffers a nosebleed every time she uses them, and you have Stranger Things.

I was hesitant at the beginning of season two because I couldn’t tell what direction it was going to go and whether it could top season one. But as I said, I was hooked and watched it so quickly that I had withdrawal symptoms and can’t wait for season 3.

Time: The Kalief Browder story. This documentary is one of the most brutal, emotional programmes I’ve ever watched but it was a massive eye-opener, and I think everybody should watch it.

A quick summary: a boy is arrested for a crime he didn’t do and spent three years in a brutal prison without being given his trial and most of this time in solitary confinement. He couldn’t mentally escape those three years and the documentary follows the effect it had on him.

I cried so much watching this as it is heart-breaking, but, I also found myself in admiration due to the strength within Kalief Browder even after everything he endured. Watch it.

Shooter. You know when you want to watch something even if it’s just background noise while you do other stuff? That’s what I was expecting Shooter to be, but I became obsessed.

It follows an ex-marine who gets framed for shooting a president and then we follow his journey to prove his innocence. I really enjoyed it and if heart racing TV is what you like, you will too. The only negative I have is that the ending of season two is slightly annoying, but from what I’ve read, that’s due to the main character being injured, so I believe they had to wrap it up without wanting to.

Hannibal. If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t do well with horror, so I never thought Hannibal would be something I’d watch. I ended up catching the end of an episode at Niall’s house when he was watching it and thought I can handle this, so I caught up with him, and then we watched the rest together.

I’m sure you all know the story of Hannibal, and if you aren’t stupid like me, you’ll know that’s his name because he’s a cannibal. (I’m not joking, I genuinely didn’t realise this). It’s really quite an interesting series following gory murders and the way Hannibal pulls the strings of the FBI whilst working with them.

We both really enjoyed this, although some parts are slightly ridiculous. Unfortunately, only the first two seasons are available on Netflix so, we are yet to watch season three.

Designated Survivor. This is our latest Netflix series, so as of writing this, we’re about halfway through the first season. So, this will be a pretty rubbish evaluation, but I’ll go off what we have already watched.

The story follows a member of the President’s cabinet being sworn in as President after being named the designated survivor. As you can imagine, being President isn’t without its hurdles…

If political dramas are your thing, then this is a must watch and even if they aren’t, I do think everybody will enjoy this. The only thing I would say, is if you’re pretty clueless when it comes to the American government, and you get truly invested in a series, you might be googling quite often to understand the different positions within The White House etc. I do.

Friends. I’ve started slowly re-watching Friends ever since it’s been back on Netflix. At times it’s my background noise, sometimes it’s what I watch in the kitchen while baking and sometimes it has my undivided attention while chilling at home.

Surely everybody loves Friends and if you’re part of the complete weirdos trying to put Friends in a negative light, just stop.

Manhunt: Unabomber. My brother recommended this to me and initially, I wasn’t invested but from the second episode, I was.

It’s a fictionalised version of a true story and the actors in it are great. I wouldn’t say it was the most exciting series to watch, but it was so engaging and the fact that it is based on real events, makes it all the more interesting.

Riverdale. Hmm… I find Riverdale a bit of a strange one. I watched season one after it being recommended to me and then started watching season 2 because it popped up on my ‘continue watching’. Despite watching so many episodes, I wouldn’t say I necessarily enjoy it.

It follows a group of students while trying toget to the bottom of different murders that have happened where they live. In all honesty, it’s one of those things that I’ve continued watching out of habit more than actually enjoying it. I’m currently half way through season 2, and will I finish it? Maybe if I run out of anything else to watch, but no, I’m not invested.

The Sinner. The Sinner follows a woman after she repeatedly stabs a man, ‘at random’, and then the series follows the reasons behind this.

I did find the series interesting and yes, I enjoyed it, but I also found it slightly weird. Some episodes involve scenes that are just uncomfortable to watch and don’t add anything to the storyline, so I don’t really understand why they were added. But other than this, it was a very interesting, engaging storyline.

There you have 11 shows, you may have already watched and if not, maybe you will now. I’m writing this while in bed watching Luther. Yes, it’s old but I haven’t watched it yet so it just may appear in my next post like this.

Let me know if you have any Netflix suggestions, I’m always looking for something new to watch.

  • I’ve been dying to watch the Punisher, so I’m so happy to hear that you loved it so much! Congrats xxx

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