My Internet Truths

I’ve always been an internet person. From way back when I had to share the one computer with my Mum, Dad and brother to now, where it’s everywhere and I share with nobody. My constant usage means I have my own love/hate relationship with it and I’m sharing them ~ mostly the hates ~ with you in this post as well as some of my blogging secrets.

My Internet Truths

I watch my followers. Start with a bang and it’s maybe embarrassing to admit, but I do vaguely watch my followers. I’m not on it like a hawk, but I’m so aware of people following me just to get a follow in return and then unfollowing so I do keep on top of who has done this & then unfollow them back. It’s not a game guys…

I sometimes use stock photos. It’s probably obvious because stock photos are so clean and professional looking. But yes, sometimes, especially during this time of year, I run out of time to take photos and I don’t want to not post, so sometimes stock photos are necessary.

I compare ALL the time. I know, I shouldn’t & I preach a lot of the time how nobody should compare themselves to what they see on the internet, but I do it a lot of the time. It’s difficult not to, even if it’s comparing myself in my joggers, to somebody in a bikini in the Maldives.

I’m not a fan of Bloglovin.  I set up my Bloglovin account around two years ago because I felt like it was something you had to do if you blogged, but I never used it. I can appreciate it is easier to see a feed of your favourite bloggers in one place, but I prefer to find blogs through different platforms – Twitter/Instagram etc. and then when I find favourites, I’ll save them as bookmarks on my phone.

I save far too many memes/typography pictures. You know when you just relate to basically every meme? Yeah, that happens to me a lot and I end up with SO many of them and inspirational quotes that they take over my camera roll.

I hate clickbait. Oh my god I hate it. I don’t watch much YouTube anyway if I’m honest, but I’m less likely to watch a video if they use clickbait in the title. It just winds me up so much. Don’t get me wrong, there are some people where I’ll watch their video no matter the title, but yeah, it really annoys me. I feel like if you know you’re good at what you do, why do you need to entice people further with crappy titles?

Pop up newsletter sign-ups are so frustrating. Newsletters are a great thing but do I prefer the subtle box where you can choose to sign up if you wish, rather than the box that pops up and takes over the whole screen.

I hate when people tweet in dialect. I love Twitter but what is with people writing in a dialect? We all pronounce words differently depending on where we’re from but we all spell things the same. Tweets don’t need to have a Scottish dialect to be funny. I just don’t get it??

Pinterest is my obsession. I spend far too much time using it, whether that’s getting general inspiration from it or the inspirational quotes I save too many of.

I’m a tab person. I have around 30 tabs open on my phone at any one time and around 15+ on my laptop. I just have so many different ideas at all times as well as so many different things to look at.

I’m over Facebook. I used to deactivate my Facebook all the time because I absolutely hated it. Now, I don’t mind it as much and use it purely to share either my cakes or my blog posts. But it is my least favourite social media platform & I feel like it kinda died a while back.

Regular commenters make me smile. I love it when the same people leave comments on my blogs. And you know the sincere comments where you know they’ve read every word you’ve written? I love that!

It’s rare that I read purely beauty or style blogs. I love both fashion and beauty, so I love reading blogs that incorporate these to get inspiration. I also love creating these posts myself. But it’s rare that I’ll read purely a beauty, or purely a fashion blog. I’m all for reading lifestyle blogs. I like to get to know a person, not just what they’re liking.

There you have my internet truth & I’m sure there might be a part two of this at some point. What are your truths?

  • I’m the same way when it comes to Facebook! I deactivated my facebook back in 2012, and reactivated it maybe a year or two later. But, like you said, it’s my least favorite social media site, and I only use it to share my latest posts!

    Another thing, is that I also don’t really follow purely beauty or style. Well, there are such exceptions to the rule, but I like to read people’s personalities, so if it’s just a blog full of beauty review posts or just a post talking about what clothes people are wearing, I’m not really about it, you know?

    Great post love xx

    Melina |

    • Kaiesha Stewart

      I completely agree with the beauty review posts. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and I’m thankful for them because they will sometimes decide whether I choose to buy something or not, but I am only likely to click on them if I have searched for it, or am considering buying the product already. Definitely love reading people’s personalities!

      Thankyou for your comment xx

  • Zoë Ware

    I actually LOVE Bloglovin’ but can totally understand that you don’t. I agree that pop-up newsletters are frustrating, theres this one blog I love, but it does that every time, then the screen freezes once I click off so I have to re load the page each time! Nightmare! Love the regular commenters one, they always make me smile too! :)) xx