The Song Lyrics I Relate To

Music is one of the biggest loves of mine, yet I hardly share anything music related on here. So, one of my plans going forward is to write about it a little bit more. You can expect more posts like this, me sharing my favourite new music or my favourite playlists for different moods etc.

I came across the below quote on Pinterest and it sums me up. What I’m listening to can sometimes tell you a lot about my mood ~ sometimes I am just listening to music because I like it. After pinning the image, I started thinking about song lyrics I believe relate the most to me and I’m sharing some with you today.

The Song Lyrics I Relate To

I only love my bed and my Mumma, I’m sorry. Drake – God’s Plan.

– OK, slight exaggeration. I do love more people than just my Mum, but a lyric about loving my bed. Yeah, that’s me.

I ain’t had a good night sleep since God knows when. J Hus – Bouff Daddy.

– Literally, I’m always tired and always moaning about being tired.

Might be a bitch in the morning so catch me at night time, some of my friends think I’m moody but I think I’m just fine. I could be pissed but I act like I’m not, I really remember when I say I forgot. Ella Mai – Naked.

– When I first heard this part of the song, I was like omg this is me. I’m not a morning person, (relates to not having a good nights sleep since God knows when) I’m called misunderstood a lot of the time and I’m that typical girl who says they’re ‘fine’ despite not being at all fine.

Boy, you ain’t impressing me with your jewellery, your designer clothes. Jojo – Not That Kinda Girl.

– I’ve always been a Jojo lover and this lyric has always represented me. I’m not impressed by any of that stuff and it actually is quite cringy when somebody tried to show off with what they’re wearing etc.

Wish I knew back then what I know now. Wish I could somehow go back in time and maybe listen to my own advice. Little Mix – Little Me.

– I’ve written a post about the things I’d tell my younger self, so there’s no surprise this lyric relates to me.

That’s me, Miss. 20 Something. Ain’t got nothin’. SZA – 20 Something.

– Me right now, nothing else to say ha.

Man, I get low sometimes, so low sometimes. Airplane mode on my phone sometimes. Sitting in my house with tears on my face, can’t answer the door to my bro sometimes. Roaming around all alone sometimes. Don’t know sometimes. Stormzy Lay Me Bare.

– This song was my most played on Spotify last year, and that pretty much sums up my 2017. Love this song though, it’s probably my go-to song when I’m not feeling great.

Some days I roll up in a hood and a trackie, turning up your nose cause you think I look tacky. RAY BLK – Doing Me.

– I love fashion and I love looking nice, but a lot of the time I choose comfort and a lot of the time look pretty rough ha.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feelin’ 22. Taylor Swift – 22.

– I have 7 more months to sing this song to the top of my lungs & I will do.

I want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes, I suppose, I just wanna be successful. Trey Songz (ft. Drake) – Successful.

– The one thing I’ve wanted since I was little is to be successful in whatever I do. No matter the job, I’ve always wanted to be good at anything I do.

There’s 10 lyrics I relate to, and believe me, there are many, many more. What lyrics do you relate to?

  • Kaiesha Stewart

    haha yeah, I always listen to songs and basically nod along in agreement! Thankyou for your comment xx