12 Things To Consider Before Getting A Dog

This post has been a draft for around a year and a half now, and after getting some photos in the snow, I decided to post it. I’ll start by discussing how Christmas decided to come three months late. I love the snow and while I very much enjoyed looking out my window at it every 2 minutes, as well as checking the weather app every half an hour to make sure I was right in expecting snow, why did it not happen at Christmas? I’m not complaining, I’m somebody who loves and appreciates all seasons and the cosiness of Winter is the best but I think we all need some warmth now? Knowing UK weather, we can probably expect a heatwave over the next couple of weeks.

On to the post… I’ve said it before, but prior to 2016, nobody in my family was a dog person yet we have now been converted. My dog Lokko and my brother’s dog Prin had a litter of 7 back in December and I felt devastated when all the pups left. Owning a dog isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, however, so I’m sharing 12 things you should consider before getting one of your own.

  1. Training can be fun, but it can also be a pain in the ass and it is a massive commitment. You’ll get stressed because how many times do you have to say stay before they actually do stay? They will learn though, it’s all in the persistence and training treats are great.
  2. You’ll spend a lot of your time picking up poo, and a lot of your time smelling farts. It’s better once they’re trained to go outdoors and not on training pads in your house, but you can’t escape the smell of farts I’m afraid.
  3. Dogs need walking so if you’re thinking of getting a dog, you might wanna invest in some wellies. Walks are good for both you and the dog, however. They allow you to get exercise, fresh air is good for your mental health and they’re also really good for socialising. Pretty much every dog owner is friendly (there are exceptions, believe me) and will want to talk to you or your dog. If you’re antisocial this might be a negative for you.
  4. They rely on you for everything. This isn’t a bad thing but there will be days when you just aren’t feeling it. You might be unwell, or are just feeling a chilled day indoors. They’re still going to demand your attention and they’re still going to need walking.
  5. Following on from that, there will be many times that you’ll feel guilty. They might pick up a toy and drop it to your feet while you’re cooking and can’t play with them. Or they might want you to play with them and you need to go shopping so will be leaving them at home. You will feel a lot of guilt at times.
  6. Dogs are an expense. They’re another little person living with you, a new member of the family and they need their own bed, their own food, their own toys, leads, collars, vet bills etc. They are an added expense so that is something to consider.
  7. Every dog is different and will act differently around other dogs so when you’re out walking, you will be on alert for any other dogs coming close. Some are lovely, while others, you’ll want to put your dog on the tightest lead.
  8. No matter how many times you bath them, dogs have a smell. It isn’t just their farts and poo that smell, dogs just have a dog smell and if you’ve been to somebody’s house with a dog, you’ve probably smelt it. No matter how hard you try, that will, unfortunately, be a smell in your house at times.
  9. Even shorthaired dogs malt and it can be frustrating to see little hairs on your furniture and your freshly put on clothes.
  10. Your social life will change a little. “We have to leave now, gotta get back to the dog” is something you will 100% be saying. Days out and holidays aren’t as simple when you have a dog. They aren’t your child who comes everywhere with you and often you’ll have to leave places earlier than you would if you didn’t have a dog or find dogsitters/walkers.
  11. They become your shadow. Dogs are so loyal and if you’re going somewhere, they’re right there with you. It can be annoying at times, because you’ll think they’re in a deep sleep, yet the moment you get up to go to the toilet, they’ve jolted awake as though you’re going to leave them. It is also the cutest thing though, knowing they’re by your side no matter what.
  12. Last but not least, they make you happy. They’re always happy to see you, whether you’ve left them for 5 minutes or been on holiday for 5 days. They do the funniest things, and their loyalty is the cutest. They become a member of your family, and they become everybody’s child. You will look forward to seeing them and it’s nice to know they’re happy to see you.

Getting a dog requires a lot of thinking time and shouldn’t be a hasty decision. Just know the positives, negatives and that they can make you so incredibly happy. I’m talking happy from the moment you get them and realise this new little baby is yours and throughout. I love my little babies.

Let me know if you have a dog, and if there’s anything I’ve forgotten to add.

  • Great post! However, I love being at a social event and using the “I have to take my dog out” excuse since I don’t like to linger when I do a social thing. I get my energy from time by myself and I never have a good excuse to leave an event early. Now I do 😉

    • Kaiesha Stewart

      That’s actually so true. I’m quite similar to you, so dogs can be an amazing excuse!