5 Months, No Posting. Where Have I Been?

Hello! How has it been 5 months since I last blogged? I knew it had been a while, but I didn’t think 5 months! Everybody says it, but the years fly by don’t they? We’re closer to 2019 than we are 2017, yet 2017 feels like it was no more than 3 months ago. Madness.

I have constant ideas for blog posts and I always add them into a note on my phone titled BLOG POST IDEAS. It’s a list of thoughts that I want to write about but where I haven’t had time to sit down and put my fingers to keyboard, the list keeps growing. So, I’m back! Does anybody care? Probably not. I’m sure my analytics will show a few fellow Bristolians that read this post if I share it to my social media and that’ll primarily be it but as always, I enjoy writing, so I’ll write nonetheless.


In terms of what I’ve been up to, I’ll bullet point it for those who are interested.

  • I began working Mon-Fri in April and that was a big change as my job before consisted of 12-hour shifts on a rota basis. The shift pattern change definitely had an impact on my blogging as alongside other things, I’ve been quite busy. I find the whole ‘I’m busy’ statement quite pretentious if I’m honest and I stand by the whole ‘nobody’s too busy, if they wanted to make time for you, they would’ but oh my gosh, it isn’t as easy as that. It’s been really difficult trying to balance Mon-Fri working, baking, general life admin, my relationship and then trying to fit in a social life. But hey ho.
  • I’m still baking and as mentioned above, it’s keeping me busy. Sometimes, too busy when paired with everything else but I can’t complain as I love to do it and it’s a compliment when people ask for me to make a cake for them.
  • I went to see Beyoncé & Jay Z live at Cardiff. Lavvv’d it.
  • I got into the footy. I’d describe myself as a very casual football fan and by that, I mean I vaguely know what’s going on in the premier league and I can name some players. When it comes to the world cup, however, I become football mad. I love the World Cup so much and it was so exciting for us this year wasn’t it?! It was disappointing when we were knocked out, but there was an amazing atmosphere around.
  • Love Island took over my evenings for 8 solid weeks, as I believe it did for most people. I’ve been a fan of Love Island since it was revamped and I’ve gotta say, this year wasn’t my favourite. Season 2 remains number one for me, but this season was entertaining. I am glad it’s over though because hopefully, I’ll have some early nights now ~ she says while typing this blog post at 23:20
  • I’ve had enough of Summer. Sorry sorry sorry for being that typical English person but yeah, bring on Autumn. I love the summer don’t get me wrong but I love it when I have a swimming pool to the side of me that I can relax in. It’s not quite the same when I’m working/ BAKING CAKES. I’ve been melting in my kitchen and I’m done with it. I’m going away in September so I’m really looking forward to abroad heat but I pray for Autumn to be around the corner.

That’s pretty much been my life for the last 5 months. Working, baking, overheating, the World Cup and Love Island. Living the high life. 

As mentioned, I have a lot of blog post ideas so hopefully, I’ll maintain my blog and there will be a splurge of all the thoughts I’ve kept to myself over the last 5 months.

Hope you’re well.

  • Welcome back! I’m so glad to hear that you’ve had a good 5 months away from blogging. I always get a bit sad when my “blogger friends” disappear, especially when I don’t know if it’s for good thing or a bad thing, but i’m glad to hear that you were busy with lots of good things. Glad to have you back though 🙂 xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com